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Heyo Beautiful People, I'm Here To Finally (Re)Publish One Of My Abandoned Fanfics ~

long ass A/N: during my unexpected hiatus, i decided to delete my old account thinking i wouldn't comeback. i failed to finish two of my main stories. I would like to apologize to those who were patient with my crappy updates, it's pretty selfish of me to disappear like that. Also, I'm rewriting my stories jdjsjs I look back through my google docs & I cringe at how rushed & poorly written they were xD
Story Summary: After a successful suicide attempt, Jeon Jungkook was brought back to life by a Guardian Angel who swore to stay by his side to prevent something like this from happening again.
Where Am I?

The boy thought to himself as he slowly opens his eyes. It didn't look any different compared to when his eyes were shut. The room was the equivalent to a dark, nothingness void.

He sat his heavy body up from the floor & sleepily groaned as he finally got on his two feet. He looks around more for some sort of light or sound of life. Nothing - it was only him.

Suddenly, a bright luminous light cuts through the darkness. As if it were guiding the boy towards it.

Saying nothing more, he blindlessly carried his legs to it. The closer he got, the more it expanded & the more brighter it got.

The sound of echoing footsteps that didn't belong to him could be heard in the distance.

“Stop! Please!” A voice shouts, causing more sound to bounce off the walls. The mysterious person then grabs the boys wrist to stop him & turns him around.

“If you keep heading into that direction, you'll pass on for good.” The man says in between breaths. Although the light clearly shined on the person, the boys vision was hazy.


The man sighs.

“Of course you don't know what I'm talking about. But once I get your soul back to your body, we'll meet again & I'll explain everything.”

Is This Guy Crazy…? Is This A Dream..?

“I prefer not to be called ‘crazy’ thank you very much..” He says, clearing his throat.

How Are You Even-

The man places his hands over the boys mouth.

“Okay~ that's enough questions for now. Let me do the job I was given please.” The man removes his hands from the boys mouth & tightly grips his hands. Although the boys sight was blurred, he catches one detail from mysterious person; a ‘boxlike smile.’

“You’re In Safe Hands Now, Jeon Jungkook.”

Those were the last words he heard before the dark world around him disappeared in a flashing light.

“I’m sorry for your loss..” The doctor apologizes as he writes on his documents with a saddened expression planted on his face as he did so. The silence was then broken by a woman controllably sobbing, & a younger man swearing before punching the wall holding back his tears as much as he could. The husband quietly comforts his crying wife.

Jungkook feels a heavy weight pressing against his chest.

“M...Mom..?” He weakly called as he slowly opens his eyes. The sound of the heart monitor began to increase when he becomes more conscious.

“You're… hurting me..”

His mother quickly raises her head from his chest as everyone in the room turned to the sound of Jungkook’s faint voice in awe.

“I-impossible!” The doctor exclaimed, dropping his clipboard as he heads out the room to wave down the nearest nurse. Jungkook’s mother, Mrs. Jeon held onto her sons hand as tight as she could & began to weep once more. This time, with the tears of happiness & relief.

“We thought we lost you..” Jungkook’s father, Mr. Jeon says as he wiped a single fallen tear. His brother blankly stares at him, before looking away.

Multiple nurses & doctor rushed into the room, telling his family that they needed to leave. Mrs. Jeon ruffled Jungkook’s fluffy bangs before hesitantly leaving the room along with her oldest son & husband.

Jungkook looks at the white ceiling with a single light bulb shining into his brown eyes, beginning to get lost in his thoughts.

Who Was That Guy…?

Afternoon of seeing countless doctors soon slips into night, with the moon shining brightly through Jungkook’s hospital room.

His parents were told that he'd have to spend the night in the hospital, both to run more tests & to keep a close eye on his.

Jungkook sighs deeply as he wraps himself around his white bed sheets. Blankly staring at his lap, thinking quietly to himself.

“What's wrong? Can't get any sleep?” A sudden, yet somewhat familiar voice asks. Jungkook’s eyes widen as he turns towards the direction of the voice.

A man was reading a random celebrity gossip magazine from the table. He looks up at Jungkook before smiling softly.

“Wh- How did you get in here?!” Jungkook shouts, tightly gripping his sheets. The man pouts before closing the magazine & stands up, stretching afterwards.

He then places his right hand over his heart & grinned wider than before. There was something oddly familiar about his smile.

“My name is Kim Taehyung, & I was sent here to protect you; to guide you.”

After his vague introduction, a moment of silence was drawn out. Jungkook scratches his head.

“So you're supposed to be my counselor or something…?”

“I guess you can say that.” Taehyung steps closer towards Jungkook’s bed.

“I will be your Guardian Angel.” Jungkook snorts as he crosses his arms.

“Not buying it.” He says without hesitation.


Jungkook began to Taehyung up & down.

“Where's your halo? & What angel wears Gucci..?” Taehyung stomps his foot & pouts as he takes off his crystal white jacket, sitting it on the table.

“That costed me good money!”

This Guy Is Actually Insane. I Should Probably Call Security…

As Jungkook slyly grabs the hospital remote, A gust of wind along with white feathers hits him out of nowhere. His eyes widen as he watches two large, crystal white wings sprout from Taehyung’s back.

After his wings were done growing, Taehyung looks Jungkook in his eyes & mischievously smirks.

“Do you believe me now?”

Hope You Enjoyed The First Chapter ^-^

[Even As An Angel, Tae Gotta Rock The Gucci]
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