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Hi hi. Its been a while since updating Fan fics and im so so sorry about the long wait and totally didnt mean for it to be.
Em had the feeling she was missing a puzzle piece as she walked back to the car with the guys. Topaz was silent the entire time as well. It wasn't until they got back to the dorms that Topaz spoke. "Emerald do you feel like there's something missing? Like with our memory?" Topaz asked. "Yes " Em stated "Duh we knew that before" she added making Topaz slap her arm. "That's not what i meant,  but like we left something at the concert before we . . . You know" she shrugged. Em thought for a moment. "Well now that you mention it I probably left my light stick" Em said. "Be serious.  That is not what I meant. It's true but not what I meant" she said. "Thinking to hard is making my head hurt " Rm said after trying to remember what occured on concert day. "Look Im gonna make the best of this and watch these guys. They have another concert in a few days and we can have front row to it! Hell we can dance on stage with them" Em squealed and spun around. Topaz laughed at her as she did so. "I guess you're right" topaz mumbled "Maybe the girls name will come to me eventually and who she is" she said making Em stop. "Right! We will eventually know" Em said. "OMG we can see them in concert again" Topaz said as the words sank in at last. The days passed fast as the guys worked to the bone practicing. Jimin was working so hard he was skipping meals. When the other guys were eating Em would sit there and silently seeth that he was neglecting his health. "Why don't you just force feed him with all that stewing your doing" Em told her the day before the concert. "Please how could I do that shove food in his mouth?" Topaz grumbled. The image of food popping into his mouth randomly and his mouth chewing without his command made Em laugh. "Oh I got an idea!" She brightened. When lunch came around and the guys ordered bulgogi meat and rice. Namjoons, Jin, Tae and J hope sat down to eat. Suga, Jimin and kookie continued to dance. "Help me out here slowly move the food closer to them" Topaz said. "What if they knock it over?" Em asked. "Thats why were holding onto it silly" she said. As the song played the two of them pushed 3 bowls of food farther from the group eating and towards the dancing boys. When nobody seemed to notice though and the girls were getting frustrated Em let go of the bowl and walked towards the stereo and pressed the off button. At first her hand went through the second time she pressed the button. "What the hell!" Jimin barked "What?" Jin had a mouthful of food and still was looking around to see what happened. "Who turned the music off?" Jimin asked. "The ghost that wants you to take a break and eat" Tae said unabashed. "How did he know!" Topaz giggled. "Im fine" Jimin said even as Kookie and Suga took a hint and sat in front of the bowls Topaz was holding. "They even laid it out for us" kookie said picking up his bowl. “I’m going to continue practicing” Jimin said coming over to the stereo and turned it back on. “Jimin take a break and eat, you need the fuel to continue” Namjoon said. “I’m fine my fuel is ARMY” Jimin made a heart with his hands over his head. “Army will thank you for that but would want you to eat and not pass out because your starving yourself” Suga said. “See Yoongi cares” Tae said. “Not the only one, sit your butt down Jimin” Jin said between bites. “I’ll be fine, I’ll eat after the concert” Jimin said. Em started bewildered at him. “What is this boy saying?” Em hissed as she turned the stereo off again. He came back and pressed the button again, Em turned it back off. This went off for a minute until he made a humphy noise and gave up. “The ghost of food telling you to take a break” Suga chuckled. “I’m the ghost of food” Em laughed. Topaz was the one to nudge the food a little bit towards him. Jimin sat down and picked up his bowl. “Army will thank you for eating properly” Tae said. “We sure do. I don’t want to see him starving himself for us.” Topaz said. The next day the guys got to the concert hall early in the afternoon to do a soundcheck and to make all the proper channels of getting ready for the concert. Em and Topaz watched the entire time enrapt with the process of behind the scenes. “Is it weird that I want to wait in line with the rest of the people and anticipate the show?” Em said as they waited on the edge of the stage dangling their feet and waiting as the arena filled with people. “Are you kidding me? I am so happy to have been able to be indoors than wait outside.  Plus no one would ever get an opportunity to sit on stage like this” Topaz laughed as she kicked her feet out. “I think they would be more jealous if the guys were on stage as well” Em chuckled. They talked about the things they could do as the arena filled up but stopped when they heard a few of the girls up front talking. “I’m really nervous about being in the front” Girl A said to her friend. “Why? Because we're so close to bts” Girl B stated “Well yes, but because of what happened at the last concert. I don’t want to get trampled” Girl A said. “Are you serious, boy wouldn’t that be a way to go, that’s like dying in bliss” Girl B said. “I would rather stay alive” Girl A scoffed. The conversation the 2 were having was upsetting Emerald and Topaz. “I really want to throw a punch at the girl” Topaz growled. “Who in their right mind would prefer to die at a concert” Emerald shook her head. “I mean it’s fun for a day to follow the guys around but seriously I would rather be alive and able to experience all these things and be Visible” Topaz was trying to explain herself but was really upset and having a hard time speaking in a sane voice. “Can I just punch her in the face now?” Topaz growled after counting to 3 “No, just let it be. I’m sure Karma will come to her for saying all that” Emerald sighed. “They really upped the security this time” Girl A said making Topaz jump off stage and walk around to take notice. There was twice as many guards and dividers in the mob section that looked as if it was to making a winding maze. Topaz ran back towards Emerald “You know what I really want to do before it gets filled up” Topaz said “What?” Em asked sounding bored. “This looks like a maze, I want to run all through it” Topaz said. Em eyed the area and than grinned. “Okay just once before it fills up” She said jumping off stage and joining her friend. A short time later the mob pit filled up and the girls went back to standing at the edge of the stage to watch the concert. When the lights dimmed they screamed along with the others and watched the concert. Every once in a while when they did a free style dance song they got up on stage and would dance along with them careful not to get in their way. By the end of the concert the girls were passed out on stage exhausted from dancing and cheering bts on. When it was cleared out the guys took a moment to relax in there dressing room before they left the arena and head back to their dorm.
Well there we go!! A long chapter for you all. I have to say 2 things though I had been writting a little bit then found out how Jimin had been neglecting his health and passing out during BS&T promo. Thus a bit of this came out of that, and truthfully its a serious issue.
Okays Im sry Im not writting more in response to the chapter, next time for sure!

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do they know they are being haunted lol well if not they do know it now thay ghost wanted him to eat