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Hello and welcome to this huge member day! I now represent Johnny and Lucas additionally to Kun and Jaehyun!

This week we are doing "Why'd you choose the member's you chose to represent?"


I chose to represent Kun because he's adorable!!! If you guys have not seen him in NCT Life you need to!! He's also a potential bias once he debuts!
Watch him in the first episode of NCT Life in Seoul:


I chose Jaehyun because he's one of my bias wreckers! Who couldn't get wrecked by Jung Jaehyun? What made him stick out to me was his appearance in the predebut dance video 0701:


I chose to represent Johnny because like Jaehyun he is a bias wrecker. Plus I was one of the ones pushing so hard for his debut.
The thing that set him as a bias wrecker was his appearance in J-Min's video Ready For Your Love:
(and also his appearance in 0701.)


I chose to represent Lucas after seeing him in the recent NCT 2018 Yearbook #2 video.
He's just beautiful!!! I think he'll wreck a lot of people once he debuts!
NCT 2018 Yearbook #2 is below:
(Lucas appears at 1:12-1:18)

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let us not forget johnny's iconic "Oh Daddy" on a vlive
I couldn’t possibly forget that. Still makes me laugh till this day. 😂😂