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This is one of the older shows back from 2011 and a  bit of a hidden gem.
Spy Myung Wol is a light fluffy romance filled with humor.
A north korean spy is on a mission that is continually changing in the first episode. First she sets a mission to retrieve a book purchased by the star Kang Woo but it gets complicated as it turns into a mission to kill him and than changes once more for her to Marry Kang Woo and bring him back to North Korea so he can be a top Star for North Korea. Han Myung Wol is not versed in love and so takes a few lessons on how to act to complete her mission. When she becomes Kang Woo’s bodyguard to stay close to him the story develops and that's when the story picks up to see whether he will fall for her or not. The two of them go through trial and error of Myung Wol trying to make him fall for her until she turns out to fall for him. When she does her mission takes a turn and Drama made ready! lol

Meet the Cast

Han Ye Seul is Han Myung Wol Eric Moon is Kang Woo Lee Jin wook is Choi Ryu Jang Hee Jin is Joo In Ah Lee Da Hee is Yoo Da Hae Park Hyun Sook is Kyung Jae in Kim Sung Oh plays a cameo in an episode.
(The main cast members)

My thoughts on Spy Myung Wol

This was adorable. It is a bit cheesy but the story line is actually good. A spy who is tasked to marry a KPop Star and in turn creates all these crazy situations to grab his attention. How could that Not be funny and Fluffy lol.
So I don’t know why right off the bat I developed second lead syndrome a bit before the second lead was known to the audience. It wasn't because he was all over her or doing anything special or even showing emotions to her. Actually he kind of had like 1 facial look the entire series! I basically died when he smiled for once. Choi ryu who is her commander doesn’t even do anything to encourage in front of Myung Wol’s face but behind her back his actions prove he has feelings for her and oh gosh is that what got me to really want him to make a move and do SOMETHING, anything really, but he just doesn’t, at least not for a long time.  Now the main lead Kang Woo, he’s all I expected the mail lead to be in this. He has a goofy side to him that we get to see plus that serious and angry side. Towards the end I was feeling more and more sorry for him which made it end up being hard to choose who to cheer to win the girl. This is a show I enjoyed a lot, the characters I admit could use a bit of work on acting BUT remember that this happened in 2011 and these actors and actresses have come into their own and have done amazing works since. Ive seen them in other things so going to a time they were just starting was like taking a step back and seeing how they were when they first started. lol

Han Ye Seul who played he main female lead has recently been in Madame Antoine, Penny Pinchers, and before that the movie Birth of a Beauty.
Eric Moon was in Another Oh Hae Young.

Lee Jin Wook is currently in Time Renegades Their acting has gotten so much better as time goes on.
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I saw this drama! It was my first Eric Moon drama, then Que Sera Sera. Love this drama. His character was a jerk at first