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So hi! I'm going to be making two more cards with Chan and Changbin! I hope you all are doing well. As you can see, this is for Chan's card!
Honestly though, this is so cute and I'm going to end up calling Chan my bias in the end. I can just feel it.
Please ignore the gap of the photos because I cannot for the life of me delete the space... Ahh never mind that. I fixed it! Now I know that I already posted an introduction like post for Chan, but Luna gave me a video to also post, so I'm going to do just that, and maybe some more!

So, fangirl Anna has been activated! Look at how cute Chan is and I am so excited that he is finally going to get to debut, especially since he has literally been watching all of his friends around him debut while he's been sitting off to the side not being able to debut. Like this hurts me. Poor Chan.

Oh, if you have Amino, please check out the Stray Kids JYPE Amino if you have time! I'm going to try to link this on my computer, but I am unsure if it will work! Let's go!

Also, please check out stray kids new videos! I'll link the first one here, and the next one on Changbin's!

Anna Mondays
(Chan & Changbin)

MEL Tuesdays
(Felix & Minho)

SUKI Wednesday
(Woojin & Seungmin)

LUNA Rest of week
(Jisung, Jeongin, & Hyunjin)

StrayKids Team

😂😂that first picture is so cute 😍lol
Chan is truly potiental bias material