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I haven't watched these videos of Chan or Changbin yet, but I'm sure that they are super useful and probably will kill me once I get the chance to watch them! Ahh death by Stray Kids. Sounds better then the potential death I could have since something is up with one of my cars tires... Enough about that!

Please join the Stray Kids JYPE Amino if you use amino!! Members are always welcomed and we would love to continue to build the fanbase!

Here's the other video I was talking about which is another song that the boys recently let out!
And finally, here is the schedule and taglist! Thank you for everyone that views this card and I hope to see you again next week for more stray kids!!!!

Anna Mondays
(Chan & Changbin)

MEL Tuesdays
(Felix & Minho)

SUKI Wednesday
(Woojin & Seungmin)

LUNA Rest of week
(Jisung, Jeongin, & Hyunjin)

StrayKids Team

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He is good at what he does 😍😍😍 Nice card..😊👍👌