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These following dramas are dramas that have got (or are getting) a second season from late 2017 to 2018.


Signal is getting a second season sometime this year. So far it is known to be titled Signal 2. The cast and storyline have yet to be confirmed.


Voice is getting a second season sometime this year as well. So far the working title is Voice 2. The cast and storyline has not been confirmed yet.

Queen of Mystery:

Queen of Mystery is getting a Season 2 this year. The second season titled Queen of Mystery 2 begins on February 28th. The main leads reprised their roles as well.
Yoo Seol Ok has thrown away her life as a housewife. She teams up with Detective Ha Wan Seung to solve mystery cases.

My Lawyer, Mr. Jo:

My Lawyer, Mr. Jo is getting a second season titled My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2. It should start some time this year. The cast and storyline are not confirmed yet.

Bad Guys:

Bad Guys had a second season begin in late 2017 and it finished airing this week. The second season was titled Bad Guys: City of Evil. The cast however was not the same cast as last season.

Age of Youth:

Age of Youth's second season was titled Age of Youth 2. Most of the cast reprised their roles. Ryu Hwa Young was not able to be present this season but she made a cameo appearance. Park Hye Soo had a conflicting schedule, due to finding out after the storyline was already set and it being too late to write the character Eun Jae out of the storyline they replaced Park Hye Soo with actress Ji Woo. This drama finished airing in late 2017.
Set one year after season 1 of "Age of Youth." Jin Myung successfully found a job after she returned from China. Ye Eun took a year off from school due to the aftereffects of her abusive ex-boyfriend. She is now returning to her university. Ji Won has yet to find a boyfriend. Eun Jae broke up with her first love and she is in emotional pain. The girls have a new housemateJo Eun at their sharehouse. She stays in the room previously occupied by Yi Na.


Are you looking forward to any of these? Or have you seen Age of Youth 2 or Bad Guys: City of Evil?

If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!

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im pissed they didnt use the same cast as last season for Bad Guys like h e. l l
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Voice and Signal i am excited for!!
Me too!!! Signal and Voice are two of my favorites! I’m also watching Age of Youth 2 right now and it’s really good!!!!
Okay, I need to go on vacation to bing watch these dramas 😁
Same tbh!!!!