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Hi hi!! So this is a random card. I had been going through coffee like crazy lately and then Namjoon posts a pic with coffee cups saying "missing you" and I lost it.
Well it got me thinking, what kind of drinks would bts drink, of course I came across a tweet that gave suggestions so kinda looked at starbucks to see similar drinks.
Here is the girls post on what she suggested btw if your curious.

What do bts drink from starbucks? Note limited edition drinks involved!

Jin is our lovely Unicorn and thus is need of the fru fru drink Unicorn frappaccino (no coffee But Berry Berry Sweet and sour!)


For Taes sweet tooth the Caramel Crunch Frapp would hit the spot


JHope would be intreged with the Pokemon GO Frapp


Jimin would be adventurous and try the Zombie Frapp that tastes like a caramel Apple


JungKook is into the refreshers and the Zen refresher is perfect. a bit of green tea and fizz should have him feeling well refreshed lol


Suga as suggested would go with the darkest coffee otherwise known as Anti Unicorn Frapp that is supposed to be a kind of mocha frapp


Namjoon is a traditionalist and would get a regular frapp with a twist of adding coffee jellys

Fam tag! For everything!

Wow! Are those for real? I would like to RM's 😁
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@JaxomB I'll definitely will 😉
yo i would want to try the pokemon go frapp