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RM is reported to have undergone surgery for septal deviation.

Septal deviation occurs involves a displacement of the nasal septum. It can cause difficulty in breathing and can impact everyday life.

Big Hit said, "RM got surgery for septal deviation. The surgery went well, and he's been released from the hospital. He'll probably take a break for a while." He will reportedly be taking a break to recover his health. 

I hope it didn't change the shape of his nose :( many idols have done this surgery and it changes their look. Keep RM the same lol!!

I've actually seen this type of surgery performed in person. One, it's a relatively simple outpatient procedure, and two, the surgeon can make the nose look exactly the same as it was originally if that's how Nams wants it. I'm just glad he'll be breathing much easier after this. 😊
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Well, it looks really gory. They have to open up the entire nose in order to get to the septum. So to some it might be really gross or scary, but I found it fascinating. Yeah, Nam's nose is going to ache like a sunuvabish when he wakes up, but he'll be able to breathe so much easier after it's done.
whether his nose changed or didn't change he will still be the adorkable leader we'll know to love
and now without his notorious snoring problem hahaha
feel better RM...