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That special day when everyone stops to think about their special someone, is just around the corner. - www.heiressschaefer.com

If you're at the point in your relationship that you feel comfortable giving lingerie, it truly is the sexiest and most romantic gift for your lady (on Valentine's Day, or any special occasion).
Black is classic and looks great on everyone, so stick to black lingerie if you're looking for seductive and classy.

Short robes are perfect for a mademoiselle, or younger lady; long robes are perfect for the more sophisticated woman. Wrap her up in stylish modern comfort to show her how special she is.

Whether you're in the puppy love phase of your relationship, or your love life feels a little stale, a sophisticated fetish will ensure a happy ending every time.

Le Gift Card: The Savvy Gift
Purchase a gift card (that never expires) and have it sent straight to your special someone's email in seconds - voila!

No matter what gift you choose or how much you spend, what's important is that you get something that comes from the heart, and makes your lover know you're always looking to please them.
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