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Hey everyone. I have a question, as I was making a card today I was was looking throught tags and my collections and I noticed that there are some people that I haven't seen, like I haven't seen their cards. It may be because with the update it got rid of my follwers or maybe since I don't scroll through I'm not seeing them? I noticed it when I was going through the fanfics that I clipped. I only found person and it was @AegyoSoCute she changed her username. I'm wondering if maybe others change theirs as well and I just didn't know or if some users left Vingle? I know 2 people did. I was just wondering if anyone knew where some of the people went. I remember getting a noticfication awhile ago saying that AbbyRamey was back but I'm thinking she changed her name cause I tried searching for her and I can't find her. I feel like it's rude to say the names of these users but I've been wondering if they're still on Vingle. Another one was minthusiast and I remember there was a slayyoongi and a YoungRaviZiMon? I can try searching the names I remember to try and find them but I was just thinking maybe some of you guys might know?

Another thing is I was wondering if there was a way I could have the fanfics I read maybe sent to me incase some more users leave, then I could read those fanfics whenever but that's okay if no one wants to. Maybe some people moved to Wattpad idk..anyway that was just something I was thinking about. I could tag the people that I still know are on here making cards and stuff

Thanks for hearing me out, I know this isn't my usual fanfic being posted but I was just wondering.
I haven't left yet, I just been busy with my fulltime job and now school. I'm taking 2 hard class that I can barely pass, but once I get easy classes im sure I'll be able to update. I also might be looking for a new job cause the job I have now is nothing but stress and drama. But i have been updating on wattpad too under AegyoSoCuteJarvia21
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It's okay 😄 and yes they are. Slow up dates tho 😂 my twenty four exo ff is on there and a couple more ffs too.
honestly alot if vinglers have left after the # update...but now i see more are coming back but i think alot moved to other on amino as well as wattpad but i havent actually uodated anything on wattpad... although i should.
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im on kpop, international army, and bts amino. my username is SugaKookieMonsterV
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