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Cirque Dreams and Steam was a show that I saw on the norweign cruise line when I went on for a week. It’s taken me a bit of time to put this together and I really wasn’t going to say much since it isn’t kpop related but lately I’ve been going off course of kpop so yea. Anyway I just want to take a few minutes to talk about it.
I know I don't normally talk about steampunk or fashion, I will for a moment. I love the renaissance era and their dresses and that steampunk took it and twisted it into a fashionable Art I absolutely adore the fashion.

Is anyone interested in Steampunk? historical fashion with a twist to it?

I’ve always liked this fashion, it is a fashion that makes a statement and its neither conservative or old style but its own piece.

Cirque Dreams and Steam was all about combining Time, Steampunk, and Tricks!!!

The show had no dialogue and the concept of the show was Time. If it wasn’t for the outfits the concept would have gotten lost, but that’s alright because it wasn’t really about it but about linking all of these acts together.
It was unique,  captivating and the outfits, the performers are amazing.  There was several different acts The gymnastics, a man balancing things on a knife, even the BMX performer and balancing act which looked like a skateboards trick. Actually what looks like skills is turned into an art form. . . . .
Now what was awesome about this show was the amount of skills that artists put into their act. As I said there was a BMX performer and a balancing act, both guys were very skilled and took what they knew and turned it into a performance.
girl same. so was working on a steam punk au fanfics buy then ditched my idea but I love steam punk and historical eras
that would have been an awesome au fan fic genre. Thats a tough one tho. yay fellow steampunk lol
it seems very interesting