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I think my favorite part is Todoroki just sleeping through it 😂
@OtakuDemon10 I bet deku is like "i wish I was like him" and then he starts to think about Ochaco 😶😳
I'm surprised that no one else has caught on to the fact...that kind of pillow fight IS actually possible for these guys!😂😱🚀🎊
@shadow3750 Um, how do you know that Todoroki is "sleeping"? For all we know, he could've started it and is faking sleep to avoid blame! Don't make the common mistake of thinking that Todoroki isn't devious - I wouldn't put it pass him to start a fight and leave Bakugou to take all the blame. Because let's face it - Bakugou is getting blamed either way! And why he isn't getting attacked? Seriously, who wants to get frozen & burned simultaneously?
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@Dragonshaow honestly, I not sure if he is 😅😅 and if he's faking it....well, it's his lost on a great pillow fight 😈 vs the other guys
Anyone else notice the girls peeping in? lol