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On February 3, Im Sang Woo, part of the South Korean embassy in Madagascar, shared on social media that the PyeongChang organizing committee had responded positively to the idea of having Girl’s Day’s Hyeri as their picket girl. The “picket person” carries the sign for the country (not the flag, which is carried by a representative athlete from the country) during the opening ceremonies.
The idea of Hyeri being a picket girl for Madagascar comes from her hit drama “Reply 1988,” where Hyeri’s character Deok Sun was chosen to be Madagascar’s picket girl for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. Ultimately, her character was not able to fulfill her dream (despite some very energetic practicing) because Madagascar did not participate in the ’88 games.
The next day, a source from Hyeri’s agency Dream T Entertainment stated, “Hyeri did receive an offer to be the picket girl but unfortunately she will not be able to attend due to conflicting schedules.”


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I was thinking that they should get all the banner carriers to be idols lol.