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Oh I hope I have enough info lol
Jisung is making me want to adopt him.
He is so warm hearted, caring, supportive and talented. His rapping skills are mad wicked, dancing is amazing and he can write rap lyrics . Yea this baby is that talented. But he is also a goof ball lol.
Sooo lil extra info on why Im doing this card: @SugaKookieV and I challenged each other to a One Shot Fan Fic and she picked out Stray kids for me and I chose TRCNG for her.
With them being so young in both groups its a hard ball we threw each other, So Fluffy genre it shall be for me lol
Challenge Time!!!

I looked up a few videos of Jisung who I chose to write about. wanna know the reason hmm hmm
lol just kidding!
but really it was between Squirrel and koala

Here are 2 videos to see some amazing talent from Jisung and see a bunch of reasons to love him!

Stay tuned to see the One Shots from Us!!!
Let us know if you would like to be added to the taglist for the Fan fics

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😁👍👌 Yeesss!!!🤗