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Ugh, I just really really hate TS Entertainment for all they've done to BAP but this one is seriously sick.
(note the bandage on his hand, that is where the IV was just before he went onstage)
Daehyun was being treated for exhaustion as well as a severe cold (?) and was on an IV in the hospital to recover. Against hospital's wishes, TS Entertainment took Daehyun out of their care and made him perform threatening to sue him if he didnt.
You can see he's really lacking energy and Yongguk is watching him like a hawk the whole time :(

This is why, once Zelo was of legal age, they sued the hell out of TS. If BAP werent still in the company, I'd hope it collapses but I hope it survives at least enough to keep the boys careers afloat.
I’m honestly hoping that eventually they either leave for another company or start their own. Knowing TS both will result in long fights over the name B.A.P and stuff like that but I mean...a Baby can hope right?
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THIS IS MY OPINION AND MY THOUGHTS ON THIS THIS IS NOT TO ATTACK ANYONE. but in away maybe Daehyun wanted to perform since they were already performing with out Himchan. Daehyun loves the group a lot if u can't tell by the tattoo he has gotten while on that hiatus. and I am glad he had his members watching him no mater what he choose to do.
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when they were suing TS though they specifically mentioned how they were forced out of hospital treatment and threatened by their company if they didnt perform so im going to say that this was one of those times :(