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~Jay~ “Gio. Are you ready to go see Halmoeni and Halabeoji?” I asked grabbing his jacket. “Yes.” “Ok. One second.” I walked over to Gia’s room knocking on her door just to let her know we left. I didn’t hear anything so I slowly opened her door seeing her passed out holding something in her hand. I walked over quietly taking a look and it’s the necklace. I carefully grabbed it out of her hands and looking at it. Honestly I should’ve never said anything about her getting pregnant. I’m glad she got pregnant. I don’t know I just got so mad. She threw the necklace and doesn’t even care. I came back to fix everything. I asked to stay with her to fix everything. Everything went to hell. I’ll just send her a text. ~Gia~ “Girl. So what’s up with you and Jay. I thought you two would be love birds by now.”Amerie said opening the to Cheesecake Factory. “Ugh. Don’t even get me started. Forget that fool.”I said walking in towards the hostess. “How many?”The hostess asked. “Two.”I said. “Alright it’ll be a 20 minute wait.” “Sounds good.” She handed me the buzzer and We found a place to sit. “Ok so what happened?” “We kinda got into it last night.” “Already?” “Sadly. Sis it all started with that necklace.” “Give it to me so you don’t have to see it.” “I don’t know where it went.” “Tell me how this necklace created an argument.” “I got home Jay handed me the necklace because Gio found it. I threw it in my room and jay was like ‘that’s how you treat the necklace I gave you’ and that’s where it all happened. I brought up Yuna and he blamed me for ruining something that made him happy and also by getting pregnant.” I said holding back the tears. Buzz.Buzz.Buzz. I felt the buzzer in my hand. We both got up handing the thing to her and she showed us to our seats in the outdoor part. It was cute. They had all the heaters going and it was nice and quiet enough for us to talk without trying to yell over the noise. We ordered some drinks and continued. “Ok back to this convo. Listen. I know what he said was wrong,but he was also trying to make you mad for bringing up Yuna. You like to cut deep when are mad. He was doing the same.You damn well he loves you. We all know it and he loves that baby.”She said pointing to my tummy. “This necklace deal is kinda stupid,but it obviously means something.I feel like you two need to think about what you two really want. If you two want to be together, you need to be together and not play these games going back and forth at each other. This isn’t high school and you guys have Gio and another baby on the way. So what do you want to do. What is your heart telling you?” ~Jay~ “Here’s a blanket.”Romeo said coming over handing me the blanket so I can cover Gio. Right now we’re at Romeo’s house chillen. Gio ended up falling asleep in my arms and when I try to lay him down he senses it and latches on. “Thanks Man.” “I wanna know how it’s been staying with my sister.”He asked sitting down on the lazy boy next to the coach i was on. “It actually was a disaster. We had a small fight and I said somethings I shouldn’t have.” “What happened?” “She flipped when I handed her the necklace I gave her. Gio had it and handed it to me so I have to Gia. Next thing I know she’s getting on to me thinking I went and purposely grabbed it. She took it and threw it in her room so I was kinda upset. Come on. How you goin to just throw it. She brought up Yuna and I lost it. I told her she ruined everything especially getting pregnant.” “Jay.” “I didn’t mean it. I was just hella mad. “What pissed you off more. Her bring up Yuna or the necklace.” “The necklace. I gave that to her because I loved her. In my eyes she was my star. Is my star.” “This is not what I’m getting from you two. You guys are caring and loving then next you are at each other’s throats. Rollercoaster. Imma take this too the beginning. I know y’all were feeling each other around Christmas. And little bit later after everything that’s happened. You both screwed up. She started dating this asshole and you had a fiancé. You both obviously love each other everyone sees it. You two are just being stubborn and waiting for someone to crack first. Imma be real with you. This isn’t the time to be playing games back and forth. You two are grown with kids being stuck in the middle. You really need to ask yourself what you want. I can’t help you with your answer. Do you see yourself with Gia or not?”
Had to girl lol I needed to end it so I can get the next story part ready:)
That's it???? Where's the rest of it????
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