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NYTimes just posted a short history of Kpop to get ready for the winter olympics in Korea, and here's what they shared (cause they make you pay to read each article and we dont all have time for that lol!) --> heres the article if you want!

H.O.T's Candy (1996)

Diva's Yo Yo (1999)

g.o.d's Lies (2000)

Rain's It's Raining (2004)

BoA's Everlasting (2006)

SNSD's Gee (2009)

2NE1's I'm The Best (2011)

GDragon's Crayon (2012)

BTS' DNA (2017)

Wow soooooooooooo much happened between 2012 and 2017 I can't believe they missed that but, okay NYTimes lol

ok i dont wanna sound salty or bitter (but lets be honest i am salty and bitter) but why wasnt ukiss in here????? hello not young was a bop 😂😂 but forreal no infinite either? or shinee and dbsk????
How are Got7 and Vixx and Infinite TWICE etc also not there? Lol. They missed a lot.
Ok but how is DBSK not on this list? 😯😯😯 I mean, they're K-pop icons... Also, I feel like Fantastic Baby would've been a better song to put for 2012. Crayon was great and all, but Fantastic Baby even made it into western media (Glee, Pitch Perfect 2)