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Today is a very important day for me. Twenty eight years ago, the heavens decided to bless baby me with an angel of my own. Lee Seyoung, or as I call him Seyoungiekins™️, is too good for this disastrous world, but I will worship the ground he walks on nonetheless. .
If you aren't familiar with this majestic unicorn, let me Show you a bit. . .

First off:

This man is the keeper of my heart. (I never wanted one anyways but whatevs) He completely snatched it and has it locked up.

That little smile gets me every time. . .

I just can't. . . .
Look at how perfect he is just standing there
໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

Is your Bias a power ranger? No? Oh well not to toot my own horn, but mine is.

My TakuYoung feels.

Someone needs to sedate me. . .

It was at this moment. . Aimee's heart exploded

Happy birthday Seyoung. I love you so much and you are so talented. I cannot begin to swoon over you and it feel like enough for an eternity. You were the one guy to knock everyone off the list, and changed everything that day you debuted with Cross Gene in 2k13. I not only had my Ultimate Bias and Bias of Cross Gene, but you decided to accept that challenge. You are always the one with my favorite smile. You are still going strong and I have a feeling you'll be going strong for years to come.

I'm gonna Leave Videos of his amazing talent.

He's just so perfect ♡~♡

I can't wait for many more Birthdays to celebrate for him!

If you would like to be added to the tag, let me know ♡