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Hello Everyone, Sky Here (finally coming bck after a god knows how long hiatus).

Before we begin, I would like to gladly announce that i'll be back on the time. But this time, I'm representing our talented rapper Min Yoongi <3

This Weeks Theme, We're Making Our Own Imagines For Our Members.

(note i haven't written in a while, so i may be a bit rusty jdsjds sry in advance)

♡ーImagine #1

Imagine watching Yoongi playing the piano during a rainy afternoon, instead of going out for the date that you both planned.

♡ーImagine #2

Imagine getting up early in the morning, ready to start the day when a still sleepy Yoongi grabs your waist, pulling you back into the bed. Holding you tightly in his arms.

"Please let go, I have work."


You smiled to yourself from his childlike, stubborn attitude & letting him hold onto you.

How Will I Explain This To My Boss?

♡ーImagine #3

Imagine video calling you after a long, tiring day asking if you're day was easier than his. Even in the slightest. Minutes would turn into hours, & you both would tease each other about whom should disconnect the call first.

♡ーImagine #4

Imagine you & Yoongi's members wanting him to do aegyo. After refusing constantly, he reluctantly agrees.

I Hope you enjoyed my imagines! Please look foward to the other members from the team as well ♡

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Great imagines with Suga 😊