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My cuz and I are going to the movie theater later on today but... in all honesty I'm kinda excited to see this movie >//< plus I don't do fun things often, so yeah...I'm looking forward for today
I kinda already plan out were to get our snacks from since candy is expensive in the movie theater $-$, first we going to Wal-Mart get our snacks and sneak them in XD just don't tell anybody my plan *^* maybe after the movie get food from Carl's Jr ^~^
and yes we know there's going to be some interesting scenes so naturally we going to cover our eyes but I'm going to look anyways *is laughing* >_< idk about my cuz; what he going to do XD but whatever I'm more interested on what Freed is all about >//< we have seen Fifty Shades Gray, FS Darker....for now I'm just starting my day XD
Me: 0.0??? why u crying lucy??? Lucy: cause ur so lucky and Natsu hasn't taken me to the movies ;-;
Me: oooh, then come along with me and my cuz the more the merrier I'd say plus we'll have a great time XD
Lucy: yay, thanks!
Me: >//< This is going to be fun! >~<
so thanks ^u^ for reading and may u have a great day ^~^