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Aloha Ohana!

Ok so completely different team. same support for the boys of B.A.P
Ok so here is a lil about my lovely Yonggukkie [2nd bias on my long list of biases.] Btw I killed myself making this lol

Bang Yong-guk (born March 31, 1990), better known mononymously as Yongguk, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer. He is best known as the leader of the South Korean boy group B.A.P under TS Entertainment.
Native name: 방용국
Born: Bang Yong-guk
March 31, 1990 (age 27)
Incheon, South Korea
Other names: Jepp Blackman, Andrew Baag
Occupation: Rapper songwriter record producer

Musical career
Genres: Hip Hop
Instruments: Vocals
Years active: 2008–present
Labels: TS Entertainment
Associated acts: B.A.P Untouchable, Yang Yo-seob

Korean name
Hangul: 방용국
Revised Romanization: Bang Yong-guk
McCune–Reischauer Pang Yong-kuk

He made his musical debut in 2008 as a member of an underground hip-hop group called Soul Connection under the alias of "Jepp Blackman". In March 2011, he featured on Song Ji-eun's single "Going Crazy", which became a number one hit in South Korea. In July of that year he released his first solo digital single, "I Remember", featuring BEAST's Yoseob, and in November he promoted in a sub-unit called Bang&Zelo with fellow B.A.P member Zelo, releasing the single "Never Give Up". B.A.P released their first single in January 2012.
A bit on why I love this man. Besides his deep voice. I love his passion for music. The way he cares for his members. the way he can go from hard core bad ass on stage to a complete 180 to a huge fluff ball off stage. his meaningful music, the way they have messages about life and things in general. And if Mr. Choi Seung Hyun was not my UB he would be it. Well that is all for now. till next Friday. later Babyz

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