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Hello loves ~

Violet here with my first ever tutorial card!

Okay so you might be thinking "A tutorial Violet, really?“ but I promise this is the coolest thing ever! And it can be used for anything (other groups, singers and even beyond that!)

Without further ado let's get started! ♡

If you follow BTS fan accounts on any social media then you may have come across these really adorable live lockscreens some people have!
However they are specifily only for the iPhone 6s and above :(

So if you have a iPhone 6s and above HERE is a link on how to set up your very own live LOCKSCREENS! ♡

But where does that leave android users and anyone without an iPhone 6s or above ?...

That my friends is why I'm mostly making this card xD
The gif above is my personal live wallpaper :)

(and no it's not buffering I'm actually able to pause and play the video)

How did I get that live wallpaper ?

The free app Vidi Wallpaper is how I was able to get a live wallpaper of my very own! However it doesn't work for lockscreens but home screens instead. (but hey I'm not even mad lol)
Once you have downloaded the app you go ahead and open it and will see a menu like the one above.

You can take your own video or in my case select a video you'd like as a home screen.

(There are many other options such as including the sound or resizing the video)
Once you go into select a video, it will take you to your videos where you will go ahead and pick a video you'd like as your wallpaper :)
Then you go and select the preview option so you can see how it will look!
Once you have previewed and like the result you go ahead and select apply. :)
(looks way better IRL)

And there you have it your very own live wallpaper! ♡

Really quick tho, the pause on touch is actually not free, it is 99 cents. Which I have personally perchased. I really love it and highly recommend it!


"Does it kill your battery life?“


For me it was fine, but it honestly just depends on your phone and how often you use it or how the battery life is on your phone in general. Remember every phone is different. :)
And that my loves concludes this tutorial I hope you all enjoyed it and get to have fun using it!


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