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What I like about you: Nct ver.

Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my first NCT card in a while and my first ever card as a support adding Jaemin to the list of people I support. Okay, this week was what you love about your member and what made you love them; although I have so many things that I love about each member I’m going to choose one (and since it’s blatantly obvious to all of my lose friends that I find each member of NCT extremely talented at everything I’m going to choose something not talent based for the what you love most part because I feel like it).
First up: Chenle. (what a precious bean)
What I love most about Chenle?
His laugh! Honestly there are a lot of people that will think I’m insane for liking a laugh like that because it ‘sounds like a dolphin’ but I don’t care it’s the sweetest sound I could ever hear okay? Gosh!
What made me love him?
Honestly there’s one specific part in Chewing gum where I thought ‘hmm, I love you!’ it was in the second verse where he was surrounded by the members and does that cute little dance. Let me find it for you!
It’s basically the gifs in the video so look for that part!!
Next: Renjun!
What I love most about Renjun?
His snaggletooth! Have you seen the snaggletooth? It’s so cute! Honestly! It’s sad that he’d gotten braces to straighten out his teeth, but it was so cute that he still has his cute little snaggletooth (it’s just harder to notice because of his teeth being fixed). I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything more than I love that snaggletooth. We’ve been together for close to two years, it’s precious and near and dear to my heart.
What made me love him?
Not gonna lie, when his part came on in Chewing gum and I saw that snaggletooth I was immediately hooked and I knew I had to get to know him better! Also, he’s an amazing singer and he helped Chenle with his Korean when he was learning and my heart beat super fast like rapapapapapa.
Pause for Renle.
Third: Haechan.
What I love most about him?
His moles. Definitely the moles! They’re literally the cutest things! I love moles just as much as I like snaggleteeth(?) like holy mother of goodness wow. The moles speak for themselves, hole on.
What made me love him?
Honestly there’s a specific performance on Disney Channel that made me love him and that was his solo performance ‘You’ll be in my heart’ I’ve been whipped ever since like holy cow.
Lastly: Jaeminnie~
What I love most?
Literally everything, he’s my ult. But if I had to choose one thing it would be his smile because have you seen it? It’s the most beautiful thing in the entire world!
What made me love him?
He was on disney’s mickey mouse club and I really fell in love with him there like what? He’s so funny and cute and adorable and fknvpargnfvpgaejfb. Yes, that is how he’s described! I’m literally the hugest softie when it comes to that boy!
always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.
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