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These are a few of my favorite Chinese songs!

Up to You By: G.G (Zhang Siyuan)

I found this in the Chinese Drama "I Cannot Hug You" and it's now my jam!

Devil's Love By: Li Hongyi & Li Minglin

I found this song in the Chinese Drama's "Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me" second season. It's actually sung by the main male actor Li Hongyi and his older brother Li Minglin!

Black White (AB) By: ZTao

I love me some Tao!!

Catch Me When I Fall By: Luhan

This is probably my favorite Chinese song. It's one of my all time favorite songs of all genres!

You Already Know My Heart By: Dawen

Another song from a drama, this time from a Taiwanese one.

What are your favorite Chinese songs?
How can u not have Jay Chou for any favorite Chinese songs??
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I’ll check it out!
I love Chinese dramas too. I still want to see I can't hug you. But seen Master Devil don't kiss me. Its hard to fine complete series. One of my favorite songs is from drama love 020
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