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In a blink of an eye, Namjoon's fist connected with Jins lip, along a force he hasn't come across in years. Giving him no time to react.

'shit' he winced, as his head collided against the wall. The loud thump caused by the impact resonated through the hall, bringing him down to his knees.

The bitter sweet taste of the blood now dripping from the side of his mouth, onto the floor left a satisfying grin on Jin's face.

"So...this is how you repay me" he sneered with a mocking laughter cutting the unbearable silence that filled Jin's apartment floor.

"...after I helped you find a place" he continued in disbelief, wiping away the blood with the back of his hand, swallowing some In the process. Tasting the iron within his taste buds as he tried to regain his balance.

Namjoon's eyes widen, baffled by what he'd done on impulse. He backed off mortified, at the sight of Jin crouch down on the floor.  Injured at his side with a busted lip. It made him snap out of it. No longer seeing him as a threat, even thought he never was one to begin with.

He backed away from Jin,  the one he once called and considered a blood brother. The one who took him under his wing in his time of need. Protecting him from those bullies at the orphanage, until he was able to fight them off on his own. Hiding him from the grown ups and their unethical punishments for misconduct, leading Jin to receive those 'punishments' instead. Going to the extent of protecting him from his alcoholic mother, who tried to kidnap him on various occasions from the orphanage, all in exchange for a bit of cash and booz. Stopping it after the second attempt.

'shit...what have I done' he thought, now coming to his senses and to Jin's aid. The busted lip now being his primary focus.

"I'm sorry....let me help" he voiced immediately getting up,  to search for a cloth to stop the excessive amount of blood.

Regretful of ever bothering Jin in the first place, Namjoon rushed the kitchen.

"It's fine ....it's fine" Jin insisted, chasing after Namjoon who was unaware of Y/N's presence on the other room.


"Enough about us... now tell me", diverting his gaze to the children who giggled, engulfed in their own small world, chasing each other around the empty swing set, untroubled by the argument happening between their parents.

"How much will it take to keep you far away from my children" he spoke again, edging a suitcase  towards the right side of the bench where she patiently sat. Giving it a quick glance, she noticed it was packed with what could only be assumed to be money.

"This should be more than enough..." Stroking the bare amount of facial hair, wanting to get over and done with his end of the deal..as it was clear on the divorce papers.

"Keep your filthy money, all I need is my little boy..." The women in the messy bun stood up patting of some dust and dirt of her jeans and blouse, dark circles under her lifeless eyes became visible as she walked towards the two innocent kids, her fragile body appeared to deteriorate a little more with every visit.

Bringing both into her warm embrace. The mix aroma of medications, liquor and perfume filled her children's lungs.

"Let's play hide and seek" she spoke, a wide smile spreading across her face, gently patting the little one's head.

"okay mommy" both cheered jumping up and down with giddy.

"Okay...Close your eyes and count to ten" she commanded, tapping her nose indicating her to close her eyes. Oblivious to what her mother planned on doing next she obeyed.

"One...." She began the count, squeezing her eyes shut.

"Two...." their footsteps becoming distant. Yet she thought nothing of it.

"Threeeee...F-" She peeked without taking her hands from her face.

There was an uncomfortable silence, no noise or whispers to indicate her mother or brother to be hiding near or anywhere in the park for that matter.

From that point on, Both were out of sight, and out of my life.

"C-Come back ...where are you?" I mumbled in my sleep, eventually waking up seconds later from what felt like the most realistic nightmare.

'Not again' I sighed out of pure frustration, looking up at the ceiling, lifting my arm closer to cover my eyes. 'why me...what does it mean'. The same recurring dream, one that made me cry only to forget about it soon after I'm fully awake.

'This has to stop' I thought as I tried to fall back asleep.

After fifteen minutes of yearning a peaceful night, my rest was disrupted by a knock coming from Jin's front door to his apartment.

Ugh...why', I nudged him to wake up.

"Go back to sleep" he yawned, leaving the blanket he used to cover himself on to me.

Paying no mind, I tried once more to sleep.

A loud scream shook me, out of any rest I was going to get. Was it my imagination?...no. Was I tired?...yes of course but there was no mistaken.

Jumping out of the comfort of Mr. Handsome's bed. Tip toeing to the bedroom door, I looked through the small opening.

'oh no.." I gasped covering my mouth to stop myself from being heard.There he was, Namjoon looking like hell warmed over. Indeed he looked restless, tired and worried. One side of me wanted to run to him to let him know I was okay, the other wanted to hide and stay away.

I was scared. 'This can't be it' I thought edging closer to the opening. I had to know what was being said. It all sounded too suspicious.

'Great...just my luck'. I had a feeling this was bound to happen. The moment of having to face Namjoon would come sooner or later,  but I didn't know it would be sooner than expected.

A small portion of me wished to stay here with Jin. He made me feel safe just like Namjoon would but there was more to him...more to Jin. More to that sweet appeal, how would someone like Jin know Namjoon?....it's Strange.

The loud discussion came to a halt. Loud footsteps exited the room. 'Did they take the arguments outside?'. I wondered raising an Eyebrow, why did Jin suddenly pull Namjoon out of here.

Is he helping me hide? Does this mean I can trust him?

I don't know, but I had to find out.

Not long after I heard a loud hit.

I couldn't take it anymore. Fed up by all the arguing, I swung the door wide open, prepared to stop Joonie. Since I knew him well, I was sure this will end in a disaster.

His temper would take anyone straight to the hospital, or worse. I just couldn't allow him to hurt an innocent guy who's only mistake was to help me.

"Don't hurt him!" I yelled, running out to the kitchen, after I heard the first punch loud and clear.

I ran without any sense of direction, but with one thing in mind which was to stop the fight from escalating. I was immediately stopped. Not by someone but something.

Something broad and hard, getting in my way, causing my clumsy self to fall backwards on my ass, to the floor.

Time had seized to exist, the realization of my mistake deprived me of any strength left in my body.
Namjoon's worried look alongside Jin's notable
Cut on his mouth, which had left a bleeding trail, from outside the door switched as they eyed me from head to toe.

'I'm screwed', I thought feeling like my mouth was sewn shut.

Scared of what he would say, I carefully glanced at him. Then back down, since I didn't know what to say. It wasn't helping that my mouth felt dry like I haven't had water for years.

Only to realize this entire time, what I had on got his entire attention.

The oversized shirt and shorts who belonged Jin, and to make matters worse, I wasn't wearing a bra it wasn't a big deal to me but....shit. From his perspective ...I don't want to know what he might be thinking.

His breathing became heavy as if he'd just ran a marathon. "What's going on..." He questioned with a sinister laugh, letting the rag drop to the floor.

"Namjoon, It's-"

"It's not what you think..!" I cut jin off. Thinking I had a better chance of being listen to than him.

He darted looks at Jin, then looked at me with a confused look. Squatting down to where our eyes met. Extending out his hand, he reached for my hair, running his fingers through it as it was a bit of a mess. Then gently down to caressed my cheek.

"How long...?" He asked with a fake smile.

My body felt absolutely cold as he made my spine shiver in fear.

"Huh...?" I responded very much confused.

"How long ....were you planning on hiding from me..?"

The answer was simple but, this time I was somewhat afraid to open my mouth, I don't know who this guy infront of me was, but it was certainly not my Namjoon.

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