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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my fourth intro! Now I’m going to do Jinyoung (which saves Daehwi for last because obvious reasons, but we won’t get into those.). Now, if you didn’t know Jinyoung before, you’re sure as heck going to learn him through this card (i hope…). Let’s get started!
Name: Bae Jinyoung Stagename: Jinyoung Birthday: May 10, 2000 Position: sub vocal (HOW IS HE NOT A VISUAL I MEAN DAMN)
-he was born in Seoul, South Korea. -he placed 10th on produce 101. -he is ½ of winkdeep. (also ⅓ of winkdeephwi) -his face is as small as a piece of bread. -he has a heavenly laugh, I swear it’s beautiful. -a dance god. -does this hair flip thingy in ‘Energetic’; will make your heart race like rapapapapapa. -he’s the oldest in his family (he has a younger brother and sister). -he’s allergic to shrimp. -yes, good. -voted the third most beautiful on produce 101.
Now, let’s enjoy some cuteness~
always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.
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Yeah, he is a cutie