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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my final wanna one member intro and that is none other than the one and only Lee Daehwi~
Name: Lee Daehwi Stagename: Daehwi English name: David Lee Birthday: January 29, 2001 Position: lead vocal, lead dancer (could be a rapper holy goodness)
-he was born in Seoul, South Korea. -he’s an only child. -he ranked third in produce 101 and was one of the two members of produce 101 to never leave the top eleven ranking throughout the entire show (the other being Jihoon). -he produced the brandnew trainees audition song ‘hollywood’. -His mom lives in America, he lost his father at a young age (and was made fun of for it, the poor boy I swear if I ever meet someone who did that to him I will fight them. He deserves so much better). -he’s the original center boy (sorry daniel, my heart was taken by the first center boy and can’t be replaced~). -he’s a former jyp trainee (and knows the members of stray kids [MY HEART DO YOU HEAR MY SCREECHING??? MY TWO FAVORITE GROUPS KNOWING EACH OTHER I]) -he lived in Japan and in California before permanently moving to Korea. -he’s left handed (LIKE MEEEE) -½ of samhwi (⅓ of winkdeephwi) -makes my heart go rapapapapapa
Okay, let’s look at some cuteness now~
always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.