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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my intro cards for stray kids! First up is Minsug aka Minho and Jisung so Minho first~
Name: Lee Minho Stagename: Minho Birthday: October 25, 1998 Position: Main dancer, vocal, rapper (my boy is a triple threat, that’s right)
-He is an only child. -he can speak basic english -he is left-handed (YO LEFTIE BUDDY) -he was a backup dancer for bts -his favorite song is 2PM’s “10 out of 10” (YOOO BUDDY THAT’S A JAM) -he describes himself as a cute person who eats well (yes, please take care of yourself honey! Stay healthy) -his favorite season is autumn (ayeeee, same) -he has a bundle collection (it’s the cutest thing ever okay, don’t judge my boy) -he has a fear of heights -½ of Minsung (Yes, MINSUNG MY OTP) -was eliminated in ep. 4 of stray kids (still want to fight Jyp for it) -was brought back in ep. 9 of stray kids (Jyp has some sense) -was confirmed to debut in ep. 10 of stray kids (Still want to kiss Jyp for that) -his laugh is the cutest thing in the world -his existence itself is his charming point, his words but totally agreeable.
always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.
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