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Que tal peeps

Time to get the old timers of Vingle's community back together...Comeback maybe lol?
House of Exctessy will bring you some steamy content since that is our talent. We will make fanfictions and or just random content. Content will be at least +19.

House Memebers

You might have heard of some of the members already most of us been on Vingle for longer than a year.

If you want to be added to our taglist comment below to get our stuff right away.

Now lets being this immortal arrival with a SS Valentine's Day Game. If you play please share ur results and tag us. Thanks!

Story: You work with BTS in an office setting. Which one or ones is getting the cookie?

1. What are you wearing that day in the office on Valentine's Day?

2. Who is your boss or bosses? Who getting the cookie?

3. What does your office look like?

4. Did ur event end in a promotion?

i didnt get kookie!!! boo lol my bosses were suga and Jin
Hello! I changed my unsername from @jjrockstar to @ynsamgwlk. So if its okay to change it please. Thank you!!!
I'd like to be tagged, please. Thank you!
Can you add me to your taglist?
please add me
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