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I'm a little late on everything, but I'm gonna be pushing 16720865689076788 cards today, so bare with me. l am gonna start with Doyoung.

Reasons I love Doyoung:

1) He's a precious bean.

Do you see this Lil guy? Are we looking at the same guy. I feel you need to look harder.

2) He's a SASSY-SASSY man:

He's so calm, don't run up on DY, he's prepared to bring the sass to like 10000%

Doyoung pulls his own string in 3. . 2. . . . . . . 1. . . .

Can't touch the sassiness.

3) Sometimes he is a ferocious mood-killer.

Unless he approved, he is not amused. . .

4) He's super.

5) He's rude


Why you gotta be so rruuuuuddddeeeeeeee.

6) When he's not rude, he wants to and must be loved. Anything other isn't good enough:

7) But he is loved by his members:

8) He's a meme that describes my mood for always

The best reason I love him, is he's talented:

Listen to thes, you're welcome
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