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This is honestly probably going to be even worse than Chan's so I apologize in advance.
Today, you were going to watch Stray Kids perform on a music show, which means you would get to watch Changbin perform, and you were incredibly excited to be able to support him and his members of the groups. You were able to get a front seat at the music show to where you know he would be able to see you. They were peforming beware, which was one of the more recent songs that they released.

You both made eye contact and he tried to maintain his seriousness, but he ended up smiling like a dork for a split second. You were here to surprise him, and by his reaction, you knew that it had worked. He's been so busy with all the pre-debut preparations that you all were unable to plan something for Valentine's day. Chan had set this up for you to be able to watch the performance, which you were so incredibly grateful for. As they continued to perform, Changbin would make eye contact with you every time he could, causing your heart to flutter each time.

Once the performance was done, Chan texted you to go in the back and meet up with Changbin. The instant you walked in, he was hugging you and kissing the top of your head over how much he had missed you. It was a cute scene, and something that you would always remember.

Again, this is incredibly cheesy, but hey! I hope someone likes this! Happy Valentine's week!!!

StrayKids Team

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That's really sweet ❤