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God bless this man HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

He promised that he would do a V Live while he was showering and well, he delivered.

Only catch is he did audio only. But STILL. He was singing and idk I just felt really calm listening? Does this make me creepy? Is this the new ASMR?!!!

You can listen here~

“오빠, 변태” I mean accurate but this is super calming for some reason. It like makes me think of if I were sitting in my room (my bathroom and my room are connected) while he took a shower and I just got to listen to his beautiful voice. Yet another point for boyfriend material Wonho
Was he showering or doing the dishes? 🙄🧐😂😂😂
At first I did question how it can be calming knowing its him showering, but when you just hear the sound and the water I understood right away, there isnt anything to sexualize about just hearing thr water run and him singing.
omg he's really showering I...... love it 💗💗💗💕😘
I love this man!
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