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So I've been writing new fanfiction for months. I'm usually nervous to show the world my work but then I thought, Why not. If you like it, be sure to let me know and I'll tag you in the other chapters.

• Warning•

There is profanity and violence in this story. This story is angsty.

So, I'm going to be posting it here. The description is below ☟

Harlyn spent most of her days running a successful family. One day everything starts to change and loyalty is tested. She finds out the hard way that some people, regardless of how long you have known them, just simply cannot be trusted. In that moment, she finds herself and finds true love. Her family starts suffering losses and new crews come to town looking to overthrow her family. Kicker, no one knows the Boss is a woman.
Some Characters & Aliases

Harlyn Jace - Vic/Harly (OC)- Leader of the Outlaws
Terada Kurenai - Ren/Snake (OC)- Harlyn's Second Hand
DaYeong- Yeong/Tigress (OC) - Harlyn's other hand.
Zico- Ziaco - Bodyguard
Pyo - Bodyguard
Taeil - Harlyn's Advisor
Kyung - Brains
Kwon - Weapons Expert
B-Bomb - Sniper
Jaehyo - Charge of Undercover Operations

Jay Park - Harlyn's Cousin/Business Associate
Jang Hyunseung- Hyunseung/Panther

Lee Howon- Hoya/Dragon - Leader of The Dragons Blood
Nam Woohyun - WooHyun/Wolf - Hoyas Second Hand
Jang Dongwoo- Dongwoo/Raptor - Second to Woohyun

Chansung/Piranha - Leader of the Forsaken Bloods

This is a cross-over fic

❈ Chapter 1: Starting Off Bad ❈

Vic had a great team. The best of miscreants, fuckups, and your occasional psychos. Vic's outlaws were the best around. No-one dared to trample on her ground; until Mr. Lee came to town.


"Vic," Ren quietly closed the door behind her, "we have a problem."

Vic slowly turned around, "What is wrong Ren, I don't like the tone in your voice."

"Somehow someone broke in and turned the factory upside down. They took everything."

"Hmm. Which one?"

"On fifth and Kiplinger."

"Who was in charge of security last night?"

"Taecyeon was. What do you want me to do?"

Vic began pacing. She didn't want to be hateful, but Taecyeon should've taken better care or called her atleast. She could've sent back-up. There were plenty guys around that could handle helping him. This was sloppy and not how her family handled matters. Her family usually was organized and precise. There could be no holes left open if she wanted to continue being the most powerful. Her consiligere, Taeil, was always with her in every meeting.

"Bring him to me, I want to talk to him. I have a bad feeling in my gut, but I need to speak with him to settle my worry."

She felt he was breaking and allowed this to happen. For his best interests, she hoped her gut was wrong. This was always the first step when family wars happened: attack the factory, or business rather, with the most financial stability.

"Oh and Ren, make sure Ziaco doesn't rough him up yet hm?"

Ren gave a smile, Taecyeon was screwed. Between Ren and Ziaco, they would let him know he fucked up. They were Vic's meanest guys. Ren held her own when it came to badassery. She and Zico had it out when they were younger. Both wanted to prove to be the stronger, to take care of Vic, and there was only one spot for that; at the time.

"You do realize your gut has never been wrong before. Why are you reluctant about this?"

"Taeil, it's not that easy." She stayed at the window with her back facing to him. He could read her like a book. Him and Pyo both. Good thing Pyo wasn't around at the moment. "I don't want to bring strife to Tae, if it was truly an accident."

"That's understandable, but are you avoiding it because you know the inevitable? It'll hurt less if you deal with it at this moment."

For once she wanted to go against her gut. Taecyeon worked for her for years, surely this was an accident. If she let this go, it would show she's weak. It would prove to be more troublesome than extinguishing the flames. If she acted now, it would also show she was impulsive. This needed to be strategic if anything.

"I'm stupid aren't I?"

"No, you have too much faith in people you shouldn't. I have a bad feeling about this. It's not going to end well and someone is going to get hurt worse. We're all going be behind you, even if this is a bad decision. That's what we do, you're our leader. Your word goes."

She saw the black car pull up with her guys, and Taecyeon. He seemed too calm to her. Surely someone who did an accident should be shook up for the repercussions. Not Taecyeon. Something about him was off.

"I told you. He's calm isn't he?"

Vic closed the curtain turning to meet his eyes since they spoke, "Yes. But I have this."

Jay, her colleague and partner in some of her widely known companies, came into the room. "I heard what happened. Please don't interrogate him without me."

"Jay, I got this."

He grabbed her arm. Never had she felt aggression from him before. This was telling her more and more something was up. He never asked to butt into her affairs. They usually kept it separate.

"Fine. Come on." They both walked out of the room as he adjusted his tie. She was like his little sister. He never wanted to see her hurt in anyway.

Down the hall, Ren and Ziaco already put Taecyeon in the room. Even their radar went off. Taecyeon wasn't normally this careless. His whole mannerisms were off. Vic collected herself as she turned the doorknob. Jay sat down infront of Taecyeon. They met eyes as they glared each other down.

"Taecyeon. You never have lied to me before. I have always taken care of you and yours, now I will ask for your complete honesty. What happened."

She sat down on the table next to him. Seeing him never take his eyes off Jay. "I'm sorry I took medicine and drank last night so I was out of it."

Not happy for his excuse, Jay slammed his hands on the table, "Bullshit. Do you know how much you cost her? This family for your fuck-up and that is all you have to say?"

Ren and Ziaco were taking bets on who'd get to break his fingers first. Ziaco really wanted to be the one. Ren, and DaYeong always were the ones to have the fun. It almost seemed as if they were hogging the fun from everyone else.

"I have nothing other than that to say, I screwed up yes but I'm sorry. I cannot turn back time to prevent it. I can only hope you can forgive me. Also Jay, aren't you out of your realm here. Shouldn't you be fucking groupies right now?"

Finding his comment to not be funny, Jay charged Taecyeon. "My sister means more than those cheap girls. You disrespected her in the highest manner. I wouldn't be making jokes if I were you."

"Listen Tae, accidents happen that is why I need your word this was what it was. Otherwise, it's not going to be good." Vic adjusted waiting for the answer she already knew.

One thing that upset Vic the most was that he lied to her staring in her eyes. This told her everything she needed. He was behind the robbery. She put all of her weight into her hand as she slapped him. Everyone heard the contact, as they ran into the room. They were expecting Vic to be hit or Jay standing over Taec, or likewise. Not Vic pulling her hand back. There were no words to say for her sudden action.

"I deserved that. Honestly, I deserve more. What now?"

"I have no choice but to excuse you from that factory. I cannot risk anything else Taec. From now on you will work at the landfill until I say otherwise. Get out of my face."

Taec bowed to everyone as he walked out. He brought his hand up to his cheek, that was now filled with color. This was slightly embarrassing for him. Eventually, he'd repay the favor. If not him, someone close.

"Vic, you alright? That wasn't you just now."

"I'm fine, I just have to step up security now at the factory. Where's everyone and how is everything going. I don't need anymore surprises."

Ren and DaYeong stepped out to make sure her businesses were okay. As they were checking in on things, the boys returned from their jobs. Pyo was worried about Vic.

"Harlyn, are you okay?" Pyo grabbed her chin and started looking her over. He saw Taec walking out rubbing his cheek.

"Yeah I'm fine Pyo. You worry too much." She kissed him on the cheek as she walked towards her room. "I need thoughts to myself guys."

Ziaco and Ren stood there puzzled. Vic never asked to be alone. It was rare. She was truly bothered about the betrayal. Regardless if she needed time to herself, she wasn't going to be left alone. Himchan decided to stand guard for her.

"I'm worried about Vic. She's taking this betrayal hard." DaYeong stood with Ziaco, Pyo, and Ren wondering what to do. "We should keep close eye on her."

"Agreed, but I bet she's just going to take a hot bath. She's never struck anyone close to her. She may be our boss, but it seems her conscious is still there." Ren glanced at the door.

Harlyn was in deep thought by herself. Every route she thought, it all pointed to Taec being in another gang. She didn't know which one or for whom he worked for. This was something she needed to know. She needed it to be handled secretly. If Ren or DaYeong got wind of her plan, they would be upset. Even Ziaco and the boys. Who knows what would happen. She unlocked the door to her balcony, wanting to escape for a few hours. She told everyone goodnight and turned off the lights. Hopefully this would be a good rouse to let her leave for a few hours.

She started walking down the street noticing a suv creep besides her. She turned to look as the car stayed on her. An uneasy feeling crept up on her as she started walking faster. Seeing a chance to run in between cars and down an alley, she made the risk. It was for naught when one of the guys jumped out of the van and started chasing her on foot. She ran into a dead end. When she got to the fence, she turned to look at the guys. All she wanted was to clear her mind under the stars.

"What do you want?"

"Come with us."

Feeling as if they wouldn't budge, she still stood her ground. "I'd rather stay here. This dead end is nice. Who are you looking for."

The tallest one pushed up his sleeves, "We're looking for you. You're vic's wife/girlfriend correct?"

"Why . . ." She stood there. They obviously didn't know that she was Vic or the leader. This could play out in her hand if she played the cards well. "How do you know?"

"We watched you climb down your terrace. Come with us now or we'll make you."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not going anywhere." She was prepared to put up a fight. It didn't matter that these guys were taller, she wasn't going to go easily. Surely she can take one on.

AS the taller one started nearing her, she tried to back up. She glanced over and saw a board propped up behind boxes, when the guys got closer, she grabbed the board and started swinging. It hit one of them upside the head as the other tackled her. While she was on the ground, she was putting up a struggle making it hard for them to tie her up.

"Aish. I'm sorry."

Vic was hit hard enough to knock her out. The guys ran back to the van driving off. She was in trouble.

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