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Hello Family and Friends. It is I, Your Cross Gene Trashcan, here to update things and stuffs. Since I haven't updated my Taglist in a year or more, I've returned.

Firstly: Taglists

Yayyyyyyy. I know. I know. I feel the excitement from you at the moment.

I will start With Groups I Help out For:

❧ A.C.E ❧ Boyfriend ❧ KNK
❧ SF9 ❧ NCT ❧ B.I.G ❧ Topp Dogg
❧ Nu'est ❧ Wanna One

Groups I will be starting up/back up:

❧ Cross Gene ❧ JJCC ❧ Novadox
❧ Mfect

☆ General Taglist: Vingle Family Tag

All other posting reasons. Groups not listed above, or games and such.

❧ Fanfiction:

I write a lot. Sometimes I'll write one chapter, then other times, I'll start 345631890 other stories. I have Fanfiction ADHD. . I CAN'T just stay on one story. (Although, @InfinitySky has helped calm my wandering mind by keeping me on one story. She's an MVP)

I have fanfics that range from sweet fluff, to angst. Different Groups. The group's right off hand are:
BTS, INFINITE, EXO, Cross Gene, Bigstar, Various soloists and companies, actors, cross overs etc.

I need to slow my roll on writing so. . .

Anywho. . . I'll be around. I'll drop the Taglist I have so far. Just tell me if you want to be added to any, or removed.

Fanfic Tag:

❧ fantasy mod squad:

Tag list:
Master Keys

Beautiful Keys

⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜


Royalty Family;
♡ YakPak ♡


♢ CandY Babies ♢ Cross Gene Tag ♡


Just let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. ♡

ooo tag me for fanfics pls :-)
I will thank you so much :)
tag me for the fanfic pleasuu😊
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@QueenyCrossGene thank you!💕
Keep me tagged for cross gene please. I also changed my username from @jjrockstar to @ynsamgwlk. So if its okay to change it please. Thank you!!!
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For Everyone questioning I used to be AimeeH, so I have these Taglists from for-EV-ER AGO