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Its getting hot in here!!! Really its sexy time so mature ladies continue on my dears!

Its Valentines day and your gearing up for a good day. Your going to be spending it with your boyfriend and want everything to be special. Little do you know he has something special planned for the night, and not just for you! wink wink**

First Who is your boyfriend?

What are you wearing?

What do you come home to see?

You are so suprised to see _____ standing there with a such a sweet gesture! Running into his arms you hug him and press your lips to his. He takes full advantage and shows you just how happy he is to have you in his arms.
"Happy Valentines day babe. " He says pulling away and grinning at you.
"You are the sweetest!" You say
"Just like chocolate." he said making you laugh.

Later that night you declare that you have a special present for him as well. Slipping into your bedroom you. change and put on something sexy for him.

What do you slip into?

What does he say before taking you to bed?

The night is still young and he shows you just how much you mean to him through physical contact.

Happy Valentines Day Dearies and Know you are ALL LOVED!!!

Fam tag! For everything!

Pssst. This is the first Card Made by me as House of Exctasy has started up again! Here's to much more mature content in the future

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