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Hi Hi!!! Its Panda with a little quick note. If you can bare with me for just a moment.
So Im noticing a bunch of people have become active again AND we have some new people out there as well. Support groups popping out.

I am super Excited and Happy to see this!

So I want to Reintroduce myself and a few things about me.
(pssst yess i had coffee late in the night and havr energy thus random note popped up in my head)
Hehe This card is me in a nut shell. A panda living in an unreal world

So Hello my Nick name is Panda, my name is Jeni, Hiiii!!
I've been on Vingle for about 2 years now. I have made so many good friends and interact with amazing and talented people on here. Theres has been so many changes on here and we have gone through it all Plus have added to the Vingle Fam! Yey.

So lets see, I'll say 3 new things about me I havent shared.

1. I love coffee!!

Which I have been doing daily Coffe cards so pretty easy interest lol
2. I've realized recently that I do so much better with responsibility when Im under pressure to get handled then just setting a date for things.
3. I Am a worry wart. lol. I had a large over active imagination and it isnt limited to writing stories but scenerios for life and in real situations it can get out of hand and get me freaked out.

Okay. Now my Fam You know a bit more about me that you may or may not have known.
This is great advice

On another thought!

I just want to add that I post alot of kpop content and recently coffee.
Top things I post is B.A.P, TRCNG, Coffee, fan fictions, k drama's, bts, random girl groups. Plus I do games on occasions.
Plus if anyone is interested Im gonna start doing Doctor Who cards as well.
So Now I would like to ask you all. For those interested in sharing a bit, you can make an intro card on yourself. Those who have been here and those new faces poking around come say hi :)
For those interested on being added to my fam tag just comment,
if you would like to be added to
coffee cards,
Doctor Who,
H.O.E's (mature content)
Girl Groups,
or All posts made, just let me know.

Fam tag! For everything!

HOS taglist

The HOE writers
Galaxy Girls <3
The Groupies <3

same I always remember random things while conveying lol
hi again lol