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Que tal peeps!

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend Valentine's Day with your bias as your boyfriend? Well I have! Below is my own take on how that day would be spent with each memeber.


Namjoon really loves music and culture. For Valentine's Day I could see him making a mix tape for y/n. Then taking you to a local cafe, museum, or some indie movie. Then dinner at some cool restaurant like Indian or Mexican food. Then who knows he might sing that song Expensive Girl for ya. Low key dem drawers coming off!


Hobi loves laughter so he might take you to a comedy or out to a movie. Then to a lovely resturant so he could show you off and dance all night. Hobi has so much energy that he would dance you right out that dress while playing Bruno Mars Versace on the floor!


Jimin would spoil you and send flowers to your job. Then call you with a dirty facetime. Jimin loves the beach so I could see him taking you to the beach for a walk. If chilly outside he would cuddle close with you during the walk and or take you to a resturant by the water. Once home he will make you wet the bed!


Jin would spoil you too! He would send roses and an edible bouquet to your office. Jin would cook for you at home with roses and low lit candles. Then for dessert you would be in the menu!


Jungkook would take you go carting sinve he loves doing fun things. Maybe he would take you to a trampoline park or laser tag to get that blood pumping. Then he would take you out for pizza. Jungkook would be smooth and get you into that bed room so you could ride his go cart lol!


Tae would take you somewhere fun! He would take you to an arcade and probably to a huge candy store with sweet treats! Then you both would go to yall fav restaurant. He would bring you home so you could lick lick lick him like a lollipop!


Yoongi would get something like a simple couple's ring and surprise you with a huge heart balloon. He would write a song for you from his piano. He would take you to open mic night and then to a yummy resturant. Then bad home to attack you with his tongue of technology lol!