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For most of you who probably don't know this I work IT at my school, and being a student worker isn't fun

Don't Get Me Wrong I love My Job!

The only thing I don't like about working at my school is the students stalk you....YEA STALK YOU, so if no one is at my work and if they see me they bother me while I'm in class thinking "its ok she's tech support she'll help me" when I can't when I'm not on the clock.

So I'm sitting at my desk doing work when I get a customer who wants to check out equipment (yes we have Cameras, pens you name it for students)

Its policy for me to ask students for their ID's due to one student putting in false info and if you don't have it I have to turn you away until you show me your ID or you buy a new one.

So he didn't have his ID and he left to go see if it was in his bag.


He comes back saying "Ok I don't have my ID but I have to check out a ilok for my project" so I had to decline saying "well I'm sorry, but in order for you to get equipment here you have to show me your physical ID if you don't have it I can't check the ilok out to you" and he gave me the biggest hissy fit I've ever seen..."MAN YOU'RE ALWAYS PULLING SOMETHING WITH ME YOU KNOW WHO I AM, IVE BEEN CHECKING OUT EVERY TIME HERE THERE SHOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM WITH ME CHECKING OUT WITHOUT MY ID. You put a mBox on my account that I clearly didn't check out and therefore to make up for that you should give me a ilok this time without my ID" Then he storms off after 5 mins saying "man they need to hire new cage workers because this is fucking stupid"

FIRST OF ALL! I'm just doing my job and what i'm suppose to do...DO NOT and I mean DO NOT STAND THERE AND TELL ME SHIT LIKE THAT.

I did tell my boss and the went and talk to the Dean and the student and get this he said "well the girls (me and my coworker) keep giving me hissy fits and all i'm tring to do is check stuff out and they're always pulling something with me" Ok lie we treat everyone the same. The only reason why he faught with me is because he knew I would Have to turn him away and he wanted to see if he could get around that.

But today wasn't all bad!

I got a Valentine day card from one of my friends and thats what really made my day (along with free food)

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I think fast food is a lot worse. trust me you will see the worse side of human beings over some little detail that you made a mistake on.
Oh I know! My mom got out of the car and started yelling at the speaker to take her order and she was waiting to long and I felt so bad for the person on the other end when they said “hi give us one minute “
this is what vexes me about customers if you check stuff out every day then you should already know you need your damn ID card. hes the stupid one
YAS! if he saw he didn’t have his ID he shouldn’t have come back and we wouldn’t have a problem if he didn’t come back and thought he could fight me till he gets what he wants but didn’t work out for him
I absolutely agree with this card!
Fast Food is true hell on a Sunday! I used to work at McDonald's for a year as both a front end cashier and a drive-thru cashier plus 75% of the managerial staff were corrupt. I was elated when I finally quit.
i feel your pain...i used to work as a temp worker in a community college bookstore during rush week and students would ask day by day if their orders came in (i worked in the back for online bagging) and they would get so rude
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And they get mad stating it’s there when it clearly isn’t and if it’s not there it’s not type of thing
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