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All of the members including us want some love ❤ when it comes to JB always all like to get some attention from leader but leader is really hard.. haha
because he clearly LOVES 3 Things only and US Ahgase HE friends Zone us long ago.. hahaha
Yeah..... but this is how would be if we had him as BOYFRIEND ⤵⤵ hahaha
Anyways so As I was saying he only LOVES 3 Things
❤ JinYoung
Well I think Eomma DID NOT like Appa going on V LIVE without shaving.. humm
❤ Love..
❤HE also LOVES Nora his cat well now he has 2 more cats but I know NORA is his Baby...
And Finally..HE LOVES ..
❤To eat.. if is chicken better
So there was JAEBUM showing his Love ❤. haha



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JB is just too adorable 😍
@MelissaGarza 😁😁YES!