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SO this week the B.A.P. team is doing favorite era/song for our member, but I don't neccesarily have a favorite era/song for Youngjae specifically. SO I"m going to do my favorite era/song for the group in general. Though with this being said I do really like Youngjae's lines in this song.

I love Wake Me Up. It is defintely my favorite, because of the meaning of the lyrics and meanings found in the music video. I enjoy B.A.P. for the fact quite a few of thier songs and music videos have a deeper meaning behind them. Wake Me Up is one I feel like everyone can relate to on some level.

As mentioned before Youngjae's lines are some of my favorites throughout the song .

Favorite Youngjae Lines:

더 늦기 전, 날 일으켜
새로워진 내 심장 속 떨림
Wake me up 소리쳐
Yeah wake me up

내 안의 영혼까지
전부 남김없이 다 불태워
Wake me up 다 깨워
Yeah wake me up

Before it’s too late, I’m getting up
There’s a trembling in my new heart
Wake me up, shout out loud
Yeah wake me up

Even the soul inside of me
I’ll burn it up without anything remaining
Wake me up, wake it all up
Yeah wake me up