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your girl Waluigi! So I decided to do this
and I’m racing against the clock, my battery and the chance the app could crash before I can finish so
just get into it.
Vixx: N
Astro: Sanha
Winner: Baby Lion (I
his name spelling..Seunghoon?)
Big Bang: Daesung
iKON: Jay (but I still call him Jinhwan)
Day6: Wonpil
Madtown: Daewon
NCT: Doyoung
Exo: Xiumin
Infinite: Dongwoo
B.A.P: Youngguk
Boys Republic: Sunwoo
Monsta-X: Shownu
UP10TION: Sunyoul
crop and I forgot the picture for A-TOM due to
but there it is. I hope they had a good
and I hope everyone else did as well. Off to prank my friends with Vernon now!
Tagging 1 Jimbo:
oOF all the word got cut off. about that. I also didn’t have a picture for Youjin of KNK..really planned well didn’t I? Originally I wanted to store the pictures on a draft on my iPod then move to my computer to type it up cause my pictures were everywhere except my computer. And yes I mean everywhere, I went through both my iPods and my phone looking for photos trying to find the perfect ones with some theme of Valentine’s Day-ish stuff like flowers and teddy bear and so I wanted to use those pictures and I ended up just posting from my iPod which was a mistake cause oOF but yeah..also I’m going to properly tag my Jimbos: @SweetDuella @DripDrop @Sugasadamsapple @Yugykookie97 @WinKonVIP @SugaKookieV I was also originally tag the moderators for each group but am I allowed to do that?? Vixx: @WinKonVIP @Halsyeon Astro: @Halsyeon @WinKonVIP Winner: @WinKonVIP Big Bang: @WinKonVIP iKON: @Liyahboon Day6: @Halsyeon Madtown: @Halsyeon Pentagon: @awkwardjazzy @Halsyeon NCT: @awkwardjazzy A.C.E: @awkwardjazzy B.I.G: @awkwardjazzy Stray Kids: @awkwardjazzy @Halsyeon @MaeLyn Wanna One: @awkwardjazzy JBJ: @awkwardjazzy KNK: @IsoldaPazo Rainz: @awkwardjazzy The Rose: @Halyeon Map6: @MelissaGarza Exo: @MelissaGarza Infinite: @MelissaGarza B.A.P: @MaeLyn Hotshot: @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @awkwardjazzy Victon: @InfiniteKiss Boys Republic: @MelissaGarza Topp Dogg: @sukkyongwanser Nuest: @AkiraMarie13 Monsta-X: @AkiraMarie13 Up10tion: @Starbell808
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... and yes, you spelled Seunghoon right 😁
Love it!! We have a few of the same biases 😊❤
so cute