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Namjoon's intense gaze kept me in place, his gentle touch preventing me from moving or forming a coherent sentence . The way he looked back at me with those hooded eyes, to his posture made me feel inferior...I detested feeling weak or even worse showing it. "No..I had no place to go. I got lost" I stuttered, my heartbeat increasing once he removed his hand from my cheek and took another look at me, inspecting every single movement of my body to know whether I was lying or not. "You lied to me" he said with his head turned to the side almost facing Jin, who was standing behind him. "Why" he added as he got up, with his first bawled up, and I knew right away. ---His intention to hurt Jin. "It's --" "...because I asked him too" I answered, immediately getting up after him, once again breaking the intense atmosphere among them, making both their heads turn over at my direction. Namjoon wasn't having any of it. He walked towards me, circling me as if I was his pray, making me nervous from his close proximity. Holding my breath as he was stepping right besides me. Squinting as he placed his arm over my right shoulder, bringing me closer to him. "Then i'll take you back to your apartment" he answered back shooting a death glare at Jin, who whipped a single drop of blood from his lip. "But...--" "You have no business being in a strangers apartment....no matter how good his intentions" he added knowing exactly what he said and who he was referring to when he said 'good intentions'. Namjoon removed his arm from my shoulder and held on to my hand, ready to escort me out of Jin's apartment. Suddenly as we were about to exit his door, the grasp of another hand pulled me apart from Namjoon. "You can't force her...if she doesn't want to go" he finally spoke. Fearless of Namjoon's blatant threat. 'do you want to die..' I thought looking back at Jin with wide eye's, since I appeared to be more scared for his life than he was. "It's okay...." I said, extending out my arm to block him from going further past the door to his apartment. I tried to hold Namjoon back from getting aggressive or violent. "...thanks for letting me stay here"  looking up at him with soft eyes, going up to him and wrapping my arms around his waist, he responded by holding me closer to his chest. I was able to feel his abs, without looking at them I could tell he had that playboy look under all that innocent 'I'm a good boy' look. 'so...this explains it ..how he was able to carry me all the way up to his apartment'.  He made the first move and slowly removed himself from me. Exchanging gazes back and forth for a good minute. My weak heart screaming and pounding to stop him from taking me to my so called 'home'. 'I want to stay' I thought but knew Namjoon wouldn't allow it. Not in a million years. But that's alright because, for a moment I felt it was only the two of us here. As he moved apart, I felt Namjoon eager to once and for all rip me apart from Jin and take me away far from any further connection I could possibly form with Jin. "Enough!...let's go Y/N" Namjoon commanded, bringing me back to his side. I gulped as he brought me closer to him, as if he was protecting or simply keeping me far from Jin. 'Is he jealous..?' I wondered. He was still holding on to my waist, this time being gentle. "What about my dress" I winned with a frowning face, pretending to reach for it, even though it was nowhere in sight. But it was only my excuse to have one last look at that handsome stranger...JIN. "Don't worry about it....we will burn that thing later" he responded, effortlessly lifting me off my feet from the ground. As he carried me out of the building. I got one last look at Jin, a precious smile..shaking the sinful thoughts of those plump lips I almost got to taste...that alluring cologne which only hypnotized me falling deeper and deeper for him....without knowing him. "Thank You" I mouthed out before I was carried out in Namjoon's arms. "You're welcome" he whispered with a smile....a sad smile, waving with both hands then with an exaggerated flying kiss. "Wow, is he from a fairytale?" I questioned, Facepalming myself since I didn't realize I've said it out loud. _________ The car was right in front of the complex. "Put me down, I can walk you know" I answered with my smart mouth. "Are you sure babygirl..." He answered, taking a deep breath pressing his lips together, stopping right in front of his vehicle. My demeanor soften as he called me by my one weakness...'babygirl'. Regretting but standing strong by my own choice, I stood up as he put me down. The floor was cold, cold as ice...or worse. My toes curled. "Get in..." He unlocked the passenger door for me to hop right in, and so I did. 'ahhh' my body melted like butter on toast from the warm seat. Whipped most of my anger. "Is that better?" He asked, noticing the now relaxed look on me and I nodded. He gave a gentle smile, "ah hum" he cleared his throat, taking off the jacket he wore "...please wear this...you..umm..have nothing under" he added, without looking right at me out of respect. 'Why am I like this? How could I be this careless... I'm out in public almost naked...my father would have a heart attack no doubt.' "Thanks Joonie, like always" Feeling a bit shaken up I put on the jacket. He turned on the ignition saying nothing but a nodding at my response. With a firm grip on the wheel be began to drive. I placed my body to the side, laid my head on the side of the window. Looking out as I traced the droplets of rain that had fallen soon after we left Jins place. At first glance I didn't caught it, the droplets had coincidently formed a heart. It was around seven a.m. The morning blue sky refuses to show. The little rain poured down in seconds. Now as I looked, a greyish blue tone covered the sky. 'Pff...So much for a good morning' I rolled my eyes, sitting back on the chair with crossed arms. We'd reached my apartment building. Namjoon parked his car on the space reserved for my specific apartment. The rain had died down, only smalls trickles fell. "Don't move, I'll carry you" I didn't oppose, I had no shoes. It would be dangerous to ideologically walk barefoot, even in such a place like this. He leaned down placing his left hand on my back a right hand under my trembling legs. "I won't try anything. I promise" he mocked as my legs were shaking from the cold rain. "Haha..very funny" I spoke in a shaky voice, wrapping my arms around his neck. He closed the car with his back and carried on walking all the way to the lobby. When suddenly both of us curiously looked up from that loud crowd like noise emanating from the sky. Pouring rain began to fall, this time harder than before. "shit!" Namjoon and I both cursed out. He held me closer to him as I did the same, but it was of no use. As we reached the lobby and got inside, we were drenched with water. It appeared as if both of us had jumped into the pool. "May I be of assistance to you both" he said, shooting up from his post which was the front desk. "Elevator please" I painted.. With a confused look the bodyguard pressed the number to our floor. "Thank You" Namjoon semi bowed, with me still in his arms. "....Sure thing" he answered , tilting his head to side on the verge of almost breaking his neck, trying to catch a glimpse of us one last time. _____________ I looked around. Nothing changed since the last time I was there. It almost seems like someone cleaned this place before we got here. "You can put me down now" I spoke, releasing my arms from his neck. The feeling of clothes sticking to my skin aggravated me. "Eww" I unzipped the jacket. "Wow wow wow! Not here..go to the bathroom" shooing me as I was about to undress right in front of him. "Okay..okay i'll go" I said, watching him take off his shoes filled with water and wet clothes that created outlines along his muscles. I bit my bottom lip as I walked to the bathroom and had accidentally checked him out. I took of the jacket, letting it fall to the ground. "Don't forget your towel" a shirtless Namjoon walked towards the bathroom door. Holding a towel for me to use. Yet again I caught myself checking him out. "Thanks" I reached out to grab it. As I did his face appeared to be burning. "..are you coming up with a fever?" Asking with my shaky voice, I reached with the back of my hand to check his temperature. But it made his cheeks burn brighter. "Please...J-Just go in and shower" a flustered Namjoon slightly shoves her back into the bathroom. He wasn't catching a fever. No, in fact he was merely stunned by the sudden surprise, now afraid of looking at Y/N eye to eye after the way she exposed herself. It was clear the water had drenched through the fabric of the jacket and white shirt she had on and wasn't exactly aware that it soaked right on the chest. Y/N happily reached for the towel Namjoon had brought to her. Overlooking what she had on in order to cover herself properly. Allowing Namjoon to get the perfect view of her perky breast and nipples. Filling Namjoon with a burning passion and lust to win over Y/N's heart, and fulfill his guilty desire to roam those beautiful temple walls he's been guarding day and night after night for so long. ____________________________________________