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Why Having A Pepper Spray In Your Purse Is A Good Idea?

No woman needs to be told the hazards of living in a city or for that matter anywhere these days. The city columns of every newspaper are filled with crimes against women. And if you thought it is just a big city syndrome you are not aware of the reality in small towns and villages where such incidents are rising and assaults on women are becoming almost routine. The reporting of such incidents in small towns is however much less.
Women indeed are taking their own security in their hand. Many women in their youth are learning martial arts and taking classes in self-defense. Apart from this, there are a number of gadgets and devices which can be critical in your fight against your assailant.
Self-defense pepper spray is a number one safety device selling the world over.

It is easy to use, cheap, doesn’t need a license to keep and is very effective as it immobilizes the assailants for 15 to 30 minutes, the time is enough to make a woman escape from the scene and find help.
Whether you're a woman who has to return late from your job or an elder person who lives in the locality that has bad characters around, pepper sprays are handy to have around. It's a sufficient non-lethal weapon to have when you are by yourself. It is an invaluable instrument of self-defense.
It is true that pepper spray does not require any special training to use but it is indeed advisable to practice it a few times to understand its range and understanding its impact. Apart from his one must know what exactly pepper spray is and how it works.
Pepper spray is an aerosol that contains capsaicin, the ingredient that causes the heat in hot peppers. Capsaicin is a skin irritant to humans and causes severe burning. When capsaicin is mixed with propellant and placed in an aerosol container, it can be sprayed on an assailant in self-defense. It is sprayed like an ordinary deodorant. The self-defense pepper spray is released as a mist, fog, or stream. Most pepper spray can immobilize the attacker from as far as ten feet. The higher range pepper spray is also now coming to market. Pepper spray inflames the mucous membranes of the attacker's eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. This causes the attacker to instantly close the eyes and be temporarily blinded by the sudden onslaught.

Self-defense pepper spray has a very high confident quotient to it. It will empower you like you have a gun in your handbag but remember the pepper spray immobilizes the attacker only for time being so you have to make sure your escape from the scene and call for help immediately. Apart from this don’t panic while spraying it. You have to aim the face especially nose and eyes and remain pointed. Wasting it here and there would ruin your chances. It is one-time use device. So use it judiciously, this one time can make all the difference to your life.
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Learn to self-defend yourself
There are lots of diversified producers and providers of self-defense products for customers in the market today. These self-defense product manufacturers have been dominating the market for years now for providing all sorts of personal defense and products associated with securing yourself. The products are made up of high-quality materials that you can utilize to defend yourself from any harmful circumstances where you think you are in danger. These products include pepper spray that helps you to defend yourselves from the eve-teasers or any other person who can cause harm to you. All the self-defense equipment is made under the scrutiny of professional and experts who also provide training and other educational programs on how to use these products and how to defend yourself from a situation. There are lots of companies who directly deal with the distributors and supports and ensure that their brand remains strong in the market with a good reputation. They strategically deal with their targeted customers making sure to understand their needs and requirements and accordingly offering them the service they are looking for. The customer channels include mass retailers, distributors, dealers, marketers, and installation service suppliers. There are a lot of brands that you can trust when it comes to providing useful pepper spray, which is considered as the best self-defense equipment present in the market. It can be used not only by the girls but also by the boys. With the increasing concern for safety of girls, it is important for them to carry these pepper sprays wherever they are travelling in order to stay safe and secured. In India, there are lots of companies who have developed their business over the past few years and are currently holding a good amount of market share in the business of providing defense-related products and security products in the market. The products launched in the market include a personal safety spray and an alarm that are available in the convenient sizes and shapes so that it fits well into the pocket which generally cannot be seen by the attackers. It can also fit in the backpacks, purses, wallets, or you can use by just putting a keychain into it. There are various types of models, colors, and compact designs offering you to choose the one you like. These can be readily handled and are easy to use so that the attackers cannot get enough time to resist you. Using these products, you can walk freely and confidently across the roads in your cities. It is a good thing to stay aware of your surroundings and take adequate measures from your end to deal with any situation that may arise. Safety is the main important aspect that everybody should consider, especially when you are traveling alone at the night or in areas where connectivity conveniences are less. It reflects the lifestyle that you follow as well as with the help of various stylish cosmetic designs and effective sprays, you can be safe anywhere and at any given point in time. Be safe and secured to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Tips to use Safety Spray for your Self Defense
Pepper spray is considered to be the best safety instrument for self defense, but it can only be effective when you understand its usage. It needs to be used correctly otherwise it will create problems and difficulties. Self defense in today’s times is the need of the hour. With the rise of criminal activities in India, every women needs to be observant and vigilant anywhere and everywhere. Self defense equipment and training make you empowered in every manner, which ultimately gives you strength and confidence to fight back your assaulter. • An important element of safety spray for ladies is its usage. As soon as you identify a possible threat you need to press its nozzle hard which bears the spray on the attacker and immediately creates a burning sensation in the affected area of your enemy. • The spray should always be placed in a position where you can easily get access to it. Once you are ready to shoot the safety spray, just bend for a little while without impacting your balance and aim the nozzle 6 inch far from enemy eyes. • Be it any position, you should always try and back off from the attacker instead of moving towards him/her to bear the spray in his eyes. These steps are just guidelines but in unforeseen circumstances, you need to be stress free and apply your techniques to protect yourself from the attacker. Safety spray for ladies are available in various dimensions and acquainted withcolors which makes your attire look more elegant and colorful. They can either be clipped to your backpack or can be attached to your clutch. Ever thought of self defense equipment in the form of a lipstick? Yes, you are right, certain safety sprayare created in a manner which allows you to place them in your purse easily and no one would ever receive a hint that you are carrying self defence tool with you. You can purchase them from different markets as well as online stores. When you have a spray you don’t have to feel threatened anymore because you have a way to defend yourself. They come at prices which is easy on pocket and are efficient yet stylish. This safety tool is not only intended for women but can be used by school going children as well if they fear an attack. They do not get worn out as they have a warranty placed within them. These sprays ensure long term benefits and effectiveness. So every woman can step out of their house or workplaces without even a single thought of fear of being attacked.
Pepper Spray – The Decisive Self Defense Instrument
Self defense pepper spray is the only solution to women’s problem. It ensures safety as well as saves you from any threatening situation. Its portability guarantees its best requirement for all women who at any point in time have been in a critical situation. So remove all your fears and make pepper spray your best buddy. In recent times, we all have heard about the dangerous cases women are going through in their lives. It becomes difficult to be alert at every second so just in case you are wondering that what would you be doing in any threatening situation. The clarifications to your problem lie in the only self-defense equipment being the pepper spray. An old age solution to critical problems has been revamped for empowered and independent women 1.Varied Shapes and Sizes: Of different sizes, it will immediately stop the attacker in his intentions. As soon as you spray it in the eyes of the assaulter you will get time to run away from the situation. Its created in such a way that they are easy to grip and spray. One spray is sufficient enough to keep the attacker away from you. 2.Easy to Carry: Wherever you go it can be attached to your luggage or simple bag that you carry for daily usage. Compact in their designing they can be accessibly taken out and sprayed at the right moment. 3. New Creations: Have you ever seen a self-defense pepper spray in the form of a lipstick? Yes, they are created in such a way that they appear to be a lipstick to somebody else which in turn does not let anybody doubt that you are carrying a safety spray along. Safety equipment is attached with a read through and animated guidebook which clearly and easily explains the steps to open these sprays as well as their effectiveness and how many pumps to be used at a given point. They are elegant yet guarantee affordability. Thus, we understand your requirement for personal safety and these sprays are designed with that aspect in mind. These sprays do not get worn out easily which confirms its efficiency and effectiveness. They are not at all heavy in weight and you can carry them in the smallest of your wallet. So every woman can now feel at ease and can move out of their houses or work environments without any hassle. Therefore, get rid of all your worries and second thoughts to travel to a certain place at day or night and stay calm as pepper spray will be there to your rescue.
a series of unfortunate events
I did 6 months in jail and got out Dusty got locked up a month before I go out so I had to wait for him to get out I didn't have any where to go. I was on my Facebook and seen my mom's ex boyfriend's brother online (I hadn't seen/spoken to him because he did 5 years in prison so I've known him since I was 8 but I'm not really related to him) Ronnie was my mom's best friend and she went in the truck with him for couple months when she was on the run so I called him thinking he would help me and in the end he was supporting me and my habbit and I was laying down for him. Just because I needed someone to take care of me, I was homeless on the run and addict. 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