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I've Signed up for Death (Classes)

I've got exciting News!

went to go schedule my classes for next quarter for the Spring Quarter (April - June) and I found out when I'll be graduating, Due to some classes I've failed and had to retake, I thought I would be put back a quarter than expected due date, so my expected date was September 21st 2018 (Summer Quarter) and I thought I would be put back till December 14th, 2018 ish (Fall Quarter)

It's been Comfirm I Graduate September 21st, 2018!

So for me to graduate on time I'd have to take 3 Classes next and 4 Classes my last (Part time is 2 classes and full time is 3-4 classes)

I'm ligit going to be Dead

fair warning, I may not post as much because of me graduating soon and I have to have a lot of work done for my portfolio show in the summer while doing a internship at the same time

On the Brighter side!

My Calendar Is done!

(Ok I'm only showing the front and back because of how many pages there is) I did a animal base calendar that will go along with my Magazine that I"m doing with my other class....

so lets math

12 images for the animals, 12 illustration for the day calendars, 12 magazine pages (that includes 4 ads) = 36 Art Pieces total (unless I'm forgetting something else)

Me as of right now

I've been looking at this calendar all day and I'm so tired

I'm sorry but...

There won't be a "Anime Genre Rewatch" for March, I've haven't had time to really sit down and watch some anime's nor to really think about what to do for March. But for sure I'll have somethng for April! I PROMISE!

Well I'm off for now

This girl has to get some sleep!

Hope to see you again soon!

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