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LINE AND's what we look out first before anything else

it was 2003, and i'm broke! i knew i had to find work in a week, so i packed up enough what i can carry and left town for a new start.

i stayed with my friend's apartment, took care of my needs for a time being...

after the first night broke, he said..."food's on the ref, left the key next to you in case you want a stroll"

i was pretty sure i heard something though...but i was like...

and this goes on for the next five days...

i did try to pick up my pencil though...

but in one particularly strange weekend, my good sensible self kicked in...

you see in most cases, people tend to do miraculously good when 90% of the work progress was done two hours before deadline...and in most odd circumstances, you knew right in front of your boss's silent face you could specifically felt...

first word that comes out in his mouth..."you know we do buildings right?"...snubishly staring at my sample works

"hmmm...(took a deep breath)...they're all the same to me!", so i said.
aand this is what he's looking at:

( i apologize with the image quality, i've cropped this image too many times over the last decade)

that moment on, all my works i've done from his company, my boss made sure that i always accompany my work with this...
now it grows in me as a tree!

but of the end...packed up again and move on to the next city!

aside from the gif's...all else are original
very inspirational story you got. But how is it possible to just pick up and move on from one place to another?
after staying for about 2 years, my next step was obviously to learn and explore new things...(not to mention, even if i work my heart out, they're the ones getting rich. hehe)...and perhaps maybe, sometime in the near future, i'll tell my next tale
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