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Going through monthly cycles is normal for women who are in their reproductive years. This begins as soon as the girl steps into the puberty stage and continues till she enters menopause stage, the ending of periods. Until then, every month, she has to go through approximately five-days of blood flow. Although it is a natural biological process, many women feel depressed, frustrated, and alarmed by this experience. The major worry to most is usually the fear of leakage, staining of clothes, etc. This all can be easily avoided by investing in a good quality personal menstrual hygiene product. Through the years women have been using a variety of products available to them such as sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons, and more, but one product that supersedes all is leakproof underwear for periods by PantiePads. Here are a few benefits of why choosing this product for use during menstruation is a remarkable decision. 1. It is a disposable panty which can be discarded after use in a provided toss ‘n’ go disposal bag. Thus, it is very convenient and discreet. 3. It comes with a built-in pad that stays put in its place and does not get bunched up or shifts from its position. Thus, preventing leakage or staining on clothes or sheets. 5. It provides period-proof protection for up to 12-hour. For continued protection, women can change into a fresh pair of underwear and stay safe and feeling fresh. 7. Wearing women leak-proof period underwear ensures of continuous lifestyle and daily routine without any interruption due to menstrual cycle. Women can continue to work or play without being worried about protection against stains and leakage. 9. Women who experience heavy flow can rest assured as this panty gives them maximum coverage with an extra-long super-absorbent pad. 11. This product is made using advanced technology to fight odor and keeps women feeling dry and comfortable. 13. The pad that comes built-in in the panty can absorb 10x its weight. Thus, this product is perfect for heavy flow days. 15. The material of the panty is breathable and hypoallergenic. Thus, there is no chance of a woman facing allergy issues when using this product. 17. This product is ideal for menstruation, and it’s also very useful during pregnancy and postpartum, menopause, mild incontinence and travel. PantiePads disposable period underwear is an All-in-one convenient product. It provides comfort, convenience, and ultimate period proof protection. Named as “One Of Best Period Underwear “ by Cosmopolitan, Allure, Vogue, Health and Parent magazine. See for yourself why women worldwide are choosing PantiePads as their #1 choices for period proof protection. Source:
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