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I dont usually post during school hours, but this needs to be addressed. I was scrolling through an account that I love on tumblr, and I found this. This needs to be addressed to anyone and everyone.

Here's the post, but Ill also put it here in case you either dont have tumblr, or the link doesnt work for you.
Taehyung went from being BTS’ secret member that wasn’t shown until their debut and was skipped by people during fansigns to one of the most popular idols worldwide. Named the most handsome face of 2017, being on ads all around the world and in two major ones in times square for his birthday, having one of the greatest numbers of fansites, turning from a guy who was laughed at for his fashion by classmates to the one Vogue named the best dressed man of the night at BBMAs. Started in a drama while touring for his world tour and excelled in both making BTS, the staff and fans proud but also the public bewildered by his good acting (when they doubted him at first). Was said to be the ‘dumb one’ but proved everyone wrong by being interested in art and photography and giving in one single Vlive the wisest words of advice ever. He is not only talented and is a good singer with one of the most unprecedented attractive voices you will ever hear, but he has the kindest heart. He loves animals and babies too. He is always grateful to everyone for what he is given and perpetually asks for people to love BTS as a whole. He is still growing and is a very surprising man that I am sure will keep surprising us. Please keep looking warmly at V the artist and Kim Taehyung the individual warmly and lovingly. Today was his birthday so I hope you send him great wishes for all-embracing health, success, and happiness. 

This just needed to be put out there. I started tearing up in my English class because of this. Just thinking about how this beautiful, loving human being and how he went from nothing, to something. He's been ignored, treated horribly, and has been put down by so many anti's and "fans". He deserved much more than that, and that's what he got. So, so much more. I love this man so much. I never knew I would e v e r be able to love someone this much. Let alone, someone I dont know personally. Taehyung is one of the most important people in my life, and Im so happy that he was able to prove so many people wrong.

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Taetae is precious, all of Bangtan are precious. Nuff said. ♡ This was beautiful Mariah. 😭😭❤️❤️
exactly 😭😭 this just had me thinking and I had to post it ❤