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Om!!!! He is wearing the Jeguk Uniform... Is he going to be a cameo in the heirs???? (?) What do you think is his character?????? It's getting exciting as ever!
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@annbhoi .hopefully to Rachel, young do little brother. .I don't know.we'll see it..
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hehehe we hope so @tyta468 ...but i want it for eun sang...this new cast his singer kpop...he sak eun sang to join to be a singer...hahaha...i want to hear park shin hye to sing in heirs
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@tyta468, you know, you could be right. maybe he is YD illegitimate brother.
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@dramacrazy hi ...yeah i remember he's dad have a onther women...
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yeap, probably , he have to deal with the same situation, like tan..
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