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UKISS Finally Dropped 'No Regret'!!!!

So, I'm a little bit late on this, but UKISS dropped 'No Regret' and saved the entirety of music! Hello, have you heard this bop yet? NO? Listen to it!!! I love this MV, I love the concept, I love them, I love this song, I can't believe they just did THAT.
What's you say? Did they do THAT?! YES. THEY DID! They really out here doing THAT.
Y'all need to start sleeping on your beds, sleeping on talent is bad for your back and neck.
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Korean Lesson 1- 게 하다
게 하다 means to make someone do something ♡ 게 하다 becomes 게 해요 or 게 했어요 nouns 나는 그녀를 연습하게 해요 i am making her practice ♡ 나는 - i ♡ 는 is the subject marker ♡ 그녀를 - her ♡ 를 is the object marker ♡ 연습하다 ➡ 연습하 - practice ♡ 연습해 is practice/practicing, you wouldn't use 연습하 by itself ♡ 게 해요 - making ♡ 게 하다 becomes 게 해요 in present and future tense adjectives 나의 남자친구를 행복하게 해요 my boyfriend makes me happy ♡ 나의 - my ♡ 의 is the ownership particle ♡ 남자친구를 - boyfriend ♡ 를 is the object marker ♡ 행복하다 ➡ 행복하 - happy ♡ 행복해 is happy, you probably wouldn't use 행복하 on its own ♡ 게 해요 - makes ♡ 게 하다 becomes 게 해요 in present and future tense 나의 남자친구는 나를 행복하게 했어요 my boyfriend made me happy ♡ 나의 남자친구는 - my boyfriend ♡ 나의 - my ♡ 남자친구 - boyfriend ♡ 는 is the subject marker ♡ 나를 - me ♡ 를 is the object marker ♡ 행복하다 ➡ 행복하 - happy ♡ 행복해 is happy, probably wouldn't use 행복하 by itself ♡ 게 했어요 - made ♡ 게 하다 becomes 게 했어요 in past tense try this 한국어를 할 수 있어서 한국 사람들을 항상 놀라게 해요 because i can speak korean, korean people are always suprised ♡ 한국어 - korean language ♡ ~ㄹ 할 수 있어 - can do something ♡ 한국어를 할 수 있어 - can speak korean ♡ ~서 - because ♡ 한국어를 할 수 있어서 - because i can speak korean ♡ 한국 사람들을 - korean people ♡ 한국 서람 - korean person ♡ 들 makes something plural ♡ 을 is the object marker ♡ 항상 - always ♡ 놀라다 ➡ 놀라 - suprise ♡ 놀라 doesn't have 해 ♡ 게 해요 ♡ 게 하다 becomes 게 해요 in present and future tense okay i don't know if this is a good, like, lesson or not? but yeah here's lesson 1! these notes ate from margatita korean's weekly lessons~ tagged @TesneemElAlami
Okay, it's finally November 25 in America so I think it's time I made this. I was gonna do it yesterday but I was so emotional over this I couldn't. Of course though, when am I not emotional over Kevin? Anyway, I just wanted to wish the one and only Kevin Woo a happy birthday! And, if, maybe he sees this one day I want to write this kind of like a letter or something so... Yeah, here goes I guess~ Dear Kevin ♡ I don't even know where to start. I'm so thankful for you in so many ways. So, I guess I'll pick one and go? Firstly, you helped me out of a really dark place in my life. My dad was just beginning to really show alcoholic symptoms like drinking every single night, it'd be okay if he wasn't 'violent' when he's drunk. He's never hit me or anything, but he always yells and bangs on doors. My parents would always fight because of it and they still do now, but you're always there to cheer me up I guess. I can pop in some headphones and just listen to your voice and my mood instantly changes to happy. You inspire me to do my best at every little thing. Secondly, I'm so so so so SO proud of you and how far you've come. Even after everything you've been through you're still cheery and bright for your fans. I really admire that because I know how hard it is to do that sometimes. I know I haven't been with you since debut like some fans have, but I can still say I'm so proud of you. You really are the most hardworking person I know. I can't wait for whatever you have in store for your fans! Thirdly, I know I said it already, but you're my biggest inspiration. You really are. Before you came into my life, I really had no hopes or goals or anything for my future and then you just showed up. And on Christmas, too. You're basically like the greatest person ever. But yeah, I really couldn't see myself even a year or 2 into my future, but when I decided "maybe I could be an idol too?" I looked into it and realized I needed to be able to sing, dance, read/write/speak pretty fluent Korean, and decided to go to the next best thing: cosmetology/fashion designing. I wanted to do that so maybe one day I could be a stylist or something for an idol group (UKISS specifically? lmao yeah pretty much), but then I decided I'd just go for it after looking into cosmetology and fashion designing. So, those are my backup plans. Now, I really want to be a model. I want to help people like you helped me, even though I can't sing or dance. Fourthly, you make me want to be a better person. I have social anxiety and all that good stuff, so it's hard to be outgoing or even to be nice around strangers. I can't even talk to someone on a cellphone or order my own food at restaurants. But you kind of 'taught' me, I guess, to try my best at everything. And now I'm getting a little better at it. I still can't talk on a cellphone, but it's easier to order food and I try to be nice to every single person I meet. And it's all because of you. Fifthly, and lastly, I think? Still part of number 4, but also different? Anyway, let me actually start. I don't know how to, like, say this? But, like, your LOVEMORE lines are probably my favoritest thing ever. I love what the shirts themselves stand for, and I love that you're donating some of the proceeds to Save the Children. And, I'd probably neevr tell you in person, but I felt like absolute shit when I couldn't buy anything from the first campaign. And now that there's the holiday edition, it feels the same. Both times my family has been in a really tight money spot and I keep saying "If I didn't buy this back then," and "I could sell these things and get this amount back at most," and, "I shouldn't have bought this, maybe we wouldn't be so tight on cash now." But I have to keep telling myself it's okay, it's okay to not have enough money to buy something to support someone. And I wouldn't have been positive like that If it weren't for you. You taught me there's still good people in the world. I'm so so so so extremely proud of you. I honestly don't even know where I'd be right now if it wasn't for you. You mean the whole wide, ever-expanding universe to me and I don't know what I'd do without you. I really do love you and I hope you had an amazing birthday party. I will always and forever support you with all my heart, and I'll be (somewhat) patiently waiting for everything you have in store for your fans. I hope if you see this someday, it means something to you. I hope you know you've helped people all over the world with your music. Keep doing what you're doing and live your life to the fullest. Happy birthday, Kevin! Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan Ever ♡
BREAKING: Kevin Leaves UKiss
My world is slowly falling apart :( His label NH EMG posted an official announcement on U-KISS's official fan cafe, stating:  "Hello, this is NH EMG. Our former label artist and U-KISS member Kevin's contract with NH EMG has come to an end this March of 2017.  There is still a month's time until it officially ends, but we thought it would be right to let fans know in advance.  We apologize to fans who always cheer U-KISS on, for delivering such unfortunate news. Member Kevin has decided to walk a different path in order to fulfill his dreams, and the label and U-KISS have decided to respect his decision.  He debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and promoted as a trustworthy and reliable member of U-KISS from the beginning until now, for the last 9 years. We have come to the decision to announce his departure from the label and U-KISS after a long discussion and a long time thinking on the matter, respecting Kevin's wishes. The label plans on holding an official event with fans in Korea and Japan with the 6-member U-KISS for the last time. (A separate official notice will be posted.) Please cheer on U-KISS and Kevin who will be going off on his own. We are currently regrouping U-KISS as a 5-member group, and to show fans an unchanging, bright side, they plan on releasing a new album this year, as well as carrying out domestic and overseas promotions.  We once again apologize for causing fans to worry, as well as delivering the news late, due to having considered the options for a long time. Lastly, we ask fans to continue cheering on U-KISS and Kevin. Thank you." Source :( Wishing you nothing but happiness, Kevin <3
Today is December 12, 2017. Last year, I made a smiliar post and every year after I'll still make this post. I'll always make this post as if Kevin will see it, but he probably never will. That's okay, though. Okay, I don't know where to start, honestly, so this is gonna be a mess. But I'm gonna try to make this as coherent as possible. So, here I go? So, it's almost been 3 years since I've been your fan. I'm so happy that I've spent the past 3 years listening to your music. I'm so proud of you and how far you've come! I'm so extremely proud to call myself your fan! You inspire me so much and I don't know how to thank you enough. You've taught me so much, and even though that's sounds really extreme? I guess? But, it's true. You've taught me to be a better person, to try to be more open and kind to people, to try my hardest at everything I do. Most importantly, to love more. I really struggled with trusting others and trusting myself, but then I became I KISSme and that all kind of changed. I learned to be a better person because of you. With your LoveMore campaigns, I realized that we should give back to the world and try to make this world a better place for everyone. I'm so glad you've used your music to inspire others. I'm so happy to call you my idol. You really are an angel, you're my hero. This might be the last of your debut anniversaries I'm here for. Since I live in the states, net neutrality is a huge thing right now and I don't know if it'll be repealed or not. So, I really hope you see this. I really need you to see this. I just really need you to know that I love you, you're my hero. You saved my life and I don't know how I'll ever thank you. I hope I'll get to meet you someday. Thank you forever and ever, I'm so proud of you. ❤
Things To Say To Our Idols On Twitter, Instagram, etc.
안녕하세요! So, I've been on Twitter and for the past few days, I've been seeing fans replying to idols' tweets, saying, "F*** me." or "Daddy." I think this is extremely disrespectful to our lovely, hard-working idols. Here are some nice things to say to our idols on Twitter and Instagram. ^^ (This ___ means someone's name goes there! ^^) ___ 사랑해. (I love you, ___.) 화이팅! (Fighting!) ___ 힘내. (“___, I support you." or "___, feel better.”) ___ 힘내고 사랑해. (___, feel better. I love you.) 항상 응원해. (I support you always.) ___, 생일축하해요. (Happy birthday, ___.) 건강하고 행복하세요. 좋은날을지내요. 사랑해요. (Always stay happy and healthy. Have a good day. I love you.) 이런 소문에 휩쓸려 맘아파하지말아요.사실이 아닌걸알아요.우리가 항상 뒤에있을께요. 힘내요, 알았지요? (Please don't let rumors get to you. We know they're fake. We're always here to support you guys. Keep your heads up, okay?) 본인을잘챙겨주세요. 힘들게노력하는것을알고있으니까 많이 걱정하기도하지만 뿌듯해요. 당신이 건강하고 행복할때 우리팬들도 가장행복해요. (Please take care of yourselves, we know you work very hard and this makes us both very proud and worried. Your fans are happiest when you are happy and healthy.) 기쁨가득한날을 보냈으면 좋겠어요. 많이사랑해요. 건강하고 많이쉬세요. (I hope you have a wonderful day full of joy. I love you very much. Stay healthy and rest lots!)
Okay guys and girls. I know there are many many doppelganger** out there. But this is solely based on my opinion. These are my thoughts on who looks a like for male Kpop idols. I am just naming a few, and some may be more than 2 people. And, yes, it's a long list. Please read through it lol or go at least go through the pictures. Pretty please? ** Doppelganger - an apparition or double of a living person. B.A.P DAEHYUN & GOT7 JR Gosh, now I know another reason why one is my bias and the other is my bias wrecker! BTOB MINHYUK & BTS JUNGKOOK This is completely my opinion! I know a lot of people say they don't look a like. But for them I got them so confused! Even though I was a BTOB fan before BTS, I still got them confused. My sister laughed at me a lot because of it lol BLOCK B ZICO & WINNER SEUNG YOON Allkpop or Koreaboo (one or the other) brought my attention to Zico and Seung Yoon. I'm not a huge WINNER fan so I don't really know the members but Zico and Seung Yoon do look alike. B1A4 BARO & VIXX RAVI & WINNER MINO I was surprised at Ravi. I didn't think he looked like either Baro or Mino until Google lol. Also, guess who's who is the 4th picture! Lol I got so confused! EXO-K BAEKHYUN & BTS V Widely known to look a like. I don't even need to describe anything lol SUPER JUNIOR SUNGMIN & B1A4 SANDEUL They're just the cutest little puppies ever! Even though one's married already. RAIN (BI) & 2PM JUNHO & MBLAQ LEE JOON Well, damn. I was pretty shocked at how much Lee Joon looks like Rain. But I always thought that Junho and Rain looked alike. FT ISLAND HONGKI & MBLAQ MIR Another popular look alike. I can see why though. K.WILL & BIGBANG DAESUNG Lol I cracked up on this one. Idk why :') BEAST JUNHYUNG & BTOB ILHOON I didn't think they looked alike until I started reading some comments saying that they do. INFINITE SUNGYEOL & EXO-M KRIS & CROSS GENE TAKUYA I, personally, didn't think Kris and Sungyeol look very much alike. It wasn't until I saw a photo of Kris upside down looking like Sungyeol. SHINEE ONEW & SONG JOONG KI & LEE WOO-GEON Lmao, when I first watched Sassy Go Go I got really confused. I thought Lee Woo-Geon was Onew for the first like 2 episodes. H.O.T KANGTA & SUPER JUNIOR SIWON & SUPER JUNIOR-M ZHOUMI & EXO-K SUHO & EXO-M TAO I was kinda if-y about this one. I didn't know if Tao and Suho fitted along with Siwon, Kangta and Zhoumi. But I guess? B.A.P HIMCHAN & IKON BOBBY Okay, I also, didn't think they looked a like until BAP came back lol. But now I can see the similarities. U-KISS KEVIN & TEEN TOP CHUNJI For the longest time ever, I always got confused with Kevin and Chunji. Lol, I think it is because I discovered them at the same time. PARK BO-GUM & UP10TION WOOSHIN This tripped me out! I'm a HUGE Park Bo-Gum fan and when I saw Wooshin. I was like "OMGT**!" ** MADTOWN's newest song called "OMGT", Oh My God, Thanks NU'EST REN & SEVENTEEN JEONGHAN Bruhhhhh, do I even have to say it? Everyone [(who's a SEVENTEEN fan (and maybe NU'EST fan)] know that they look alike. SUPER JUNIOR HEECHUL & SEVENTEEN JUN No words for this one. Both sides just has to acknowledge it lol also, Heechul's good at Chinese so he can easily have a conversation with Jun. BTS SUGA & SEVENTEEN WOOZI Tripper here again! When SEVENTEEN first came out we all thought Woozi was a Suga baby. Who can deny it! They look so alike! Also, thei swag runs deep in their family lol. Woozi must've got it all from his daddy Suga and Mommy CL. ___________☆♡~☆♡~☆♡~☆♡☆__________ Sorry for not having as much photos and idols as I wished for. I was limited space. But thanks for stopping by and looking at this card! 여러분 화이팅!!! 사랑해요!!!
I'm gonna Miss my BIGBANG 😢
:""""""( How can I live without these trolls HOW....... ×.× Look at that Freaking.........Ughhhhhh ily GD ♡ Look at how successful they're, but I don't believe the first one cuz BIGBANG has more than 1.5 Millionfans. You might not be United infront of us anymore, but in our hearts you'll always stay as BIGBANG Ughhhh you babe's I'm gonna miss you so much. Even though you won't be together I'll still support each one as I usually do. Hope you have a wonderful life. Stay healthy, eat a lot c: Remember I'll always be there for BIGBANG. Always be the FANTASTIC BABY that dance to BANG BANG BANG, and run for HARU HARU to not look LOSER. BAE BAE you're not a MONSTER, but a BAD BOY who write LOVE SONGS and LIKE TO PARTY. Wake up TONIGHT you're SOBER. You came to me out of the BLUE, but we decided to NOT FALL IN LOVE. -Peace in cheese- . . . . . . . . @destiny1419 @nnatalieg @4dalientae @AimeeH @VeronicaArtino @StephanieDuong @Zyxzj @PrettieeEmm @SerenityThao @Sailynn @Ercurrent @katiems @AlexisRiver @AaliyahNewbell @krin @ninjamidori @CreeTheOtaku @ToppDogg @Starbell808 @BelencitaGarcia @Dabaesaplayer @VKookie47 @JinsPrincess86 @Emilykitetenjo @moonchild03 @CristinReynolds @Tania538 @BBxGD @shadowCYRMBBCL @nnatalieg @KristinaCaron @VIPFreak2NE1 @BessanMerab @JaxomB @dlphn100grl @Journ505 @luna1171 @Defy24601 @LemonLassie @Izab3lla @CallMeMsDragon @JessicaSchnipke @KeziahWright @Journ505 @RedChord @JohnEvans @kpopandkimchi @Jiyongixoxo @lovetop .